Itchmo Reader Dog Picture


The Dane girls snoozing.

Picture sent in by Betti & Roger.

5 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Dog Picture”

  1. Debra Lewis Caruso says:

    This picture is adorable!The dogs look so happy and comfy!

  2. Ruth says:

    “Hey, where’s my pillow…..p-i-l-l-o-w……I need a pillow too.”

    Betti & Roger: what cute (big) fur-babies. They look so comfy.

  3. nora says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful Girls!!!! Getting their beauty sleep no doubt.

  4. Maria Whittle says:

    Just so beautiful!!!

  5. Lynn says:

    And now we know where the saying, “It’s a dog’s life” came from.

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