Itchmo Reader Dog Picture


Picture sent in by Stew.

Sebby: a 12-year-old English sheepdog rescue. Stew has had her less than a year and he just found out that she has cancer. She is the sweetest little girl and Stew loves his baby girl.

Our thoughts are with you Sebby and Stew.

9 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Dog Picture”

  1. NH says:

    Best wishes Sebby & Stew.

  2. sb says:

    What a lovely dog, our hopes and best wishes for you both.

  3. ftc says:

    thinking good thoughts! stay optimistic - vets today can do a lot for ailing pups. she’s adorable, best wishes to both of you.

  4. CINDY WALSH says:


  5. Denise says:

    Stew I am so sorry your baby has this cancer. I lost Muffin in 2004 to lymphoma cancer. we tried and could not save her and she was 7 years old at the time of diogness and that little dog was so sweet and it nearly killed us to lose her. The good thing is I had her for 11 months after her being diognessed with cancer. I spent every second telling her I loved her and cooking for her too. she knew she was everything to us. Cindy has really good advice here and everyone else said it best she is usch a doll and don’t give up. please give her a hug and kiss from me. sincerely, Denise

  6. Lynn says:

    Stew, we know you’ll love Sebby to pieces.

    My sincere hope is that you get the best medical help for her, preferably with a certified oncologist at a vet school. They’ll be up on all the latest treatments that your regular veterinarian may not know about.

    I dearly wish all the very best to you both.

    Fight it. Just fight it all the way.

  7. Stew says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. She is a wonderful soul and we were very blessed to have her come into our life. She is staying pretty much constantly spoiled.

  8. e wem says:

    Sebby is blessed to have such love. That is what our time on earth is about. And you can tell from the picture that she knows it too.

    It is so sad but joyous too beause she was rescued to have more time on this beautiful earth with someone who loves her.

    Best wishes to you all

  9. pheephee35 says:

    Hi Stew

    I am a cancer survivor. I used regular medical treatment along with Gemmotherapy — an herbal program that uses the embryonic parts of plants in liquid form. It does not interact negatively with any drugs. You can look it up on the Internet or at

    I have used the products for four years and used it on my cats after they were exposed to the melamine tainted food. I currently give them a blend for stamina and feline herpes virus in their food or water.

    I had stage IV colon cancer which is in remission. I see an oncologist regularly and a naturopath who prescribes the gemmotherapy as well.

    I do not sell these products or get any compensation for telling people about them. I just know what they have done for me.

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