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Tater Tot

Tater Tot: “With those gorgeous eyes it’s hard to believe she is completely blind. She’s a happy little poodle. Blind dogs do so well, don’t be afraid to adopt one!”

Picture sent in by Ann.

3 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Dog Picture”

  1. Lynn says:

    She’s a darling!

    And it’s true: blind dogs make wonderful pets.

    When one of my dogs went blind overnight and it was established that nothing could be done to restore her sight, my wonderful veterinarian gave me some wonderful words of enlightenment.

    He told me that the dog’s other senses are so much more acute [e.g., smell] and that they more than make up for the vision deficiency. Blindness simply isn’t a crucial problem for a dog. He predicted that I would have a cuddlier pet and that she would come to let the other dogs in the house act as HER guide dogs. She did, although it’s not like she had a leash to them and they led her anywhere. In fact, Tuffi was never lagging behind…..she was always in the thick of things.

    Two sound pieces of advice he gave me that worked wonders:
    1 - Don’t treat her like she’s blind.
    2 - Don’t move furniture around, but get rid of any furniture with hard corners.

  2. Ann Stoffregen says:

    Thank You Lynn for your kind words and sound advice. Overnight blindness is very tramatic for pets, I am glad your Tuffi adapted so well. Tuffi is the perfect name, because she is. It must have been awful for you. We were lucky since her loss of sight was over a 2 year period of time. My darling is a rescue, and I feel lucky that I have her in my life. Our life has not changed a bit, we still go everywhere together. I just watch her very closely now. She is amazing how she navigates around a new area and remembers it. I am so very proud of her. I want others to know that blind dogs are wonderful pets and there are so many out there. Check out, some great stories there and many pets to adopt. It’s a shame but many people abandon their pets when they go blind. I have had people actually ask me why I keep her! I am horrified by that. My Vet told me I would learn a lot from this experience and I have. Animals have always known something we have to learn, that is to see with our hearts.
    I would love to see a picture of Tuffi and at least know what kind of dog she is. Thank you for sharing your story, I really appreciate it.
    Dog/cat owners, please make sure you have your pets eyes checked at each Vet visit. Eye problems are becoming more common. Some diseases can be cured if caught early on, and others of course cannot.

  3. Carole says:

    I had a blind dog for a long time. He lived many to be over 14, and he was a happy doggie. I concur RE: the furniture…don’t move it dog just walked around the pieces and never ran into them.Maybe they were like roadsigns to him.!

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