Itchmo Reader Dog Picture


Picture sent in by Melanie.

Max with his favorite toy and hanging out with Quint and Madison.

5 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Dog Picture”

  1. Lynne says:

    Wow, how nice of Max to share his bed with the kids!

  2. Melanie (Max's Mom) says:

    Oh, it’s so incredible to be able to share this! Maxy went to the Rainbow Bridge at 12+ years old in 2006, and those little kiddos have grown up to be BIG kiddos! Thanks for allowing us to share… Melanie

  3. Denise says:

    Melanie, I am so sorry about you losing Max. I can tell he was one of the family and had a great life. I lost a little pup muffin in 2004 at 7 years old she had lymphoma cancer but she is max was a family member and very loved. I can just tell he was loved and well cared for. I have missy now and love her. I do hope you will think about another baby in your future if you haven’t. sincerely, Denise

  4. BC says:

    All dogs should live like this:) And if Great Dnes aren’t living like this, we’d like to help!!!
    Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue -

  5. trudyjackson says:

    My daughter had a great Dane and Her bed always looked just like this one. Her, the kids and dog.

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