Itchmo Reader Dog Pictures



Pictures sent in by Pam.

Top: This is our beautiful Katie. She had been passed around for the first seven months of her life when we heard about her. She was afraid to get into the car because she was afraid she’d be dumped again. We brought her home and now, four years later, she is a joy to watch as she hunts birds, squirrels and anything that passes through our yard. At night she’s happy to snuggle up with Mom and Dad and just be loved.

Bottom: This is Chipper Man. Chipper was dumped at a local shelter because he was gun-shy and was practically bald when we rescued him. He is a senior citizen and used to be very afraid of what life had in store for him, and why not, it hadn’t been great for most of his life. Now, two years later, he is a joy to watch as he and Katie hunt in our backyard. He has learned how to point birds, he can run, and he has finally, at the age of eight-years-old, learned how to play. He is a blessing.

4 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Dog Pictures”

  1. sb says:

    What beautiful dogs, and I’m so happy to know that they’ve found a great home with you! A blessing for all of you!

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    What gorgeous and superb English Setters. They are so gentle and sweet and a joy to watch as they bound gracefully. What a wonderful thing these good people have done in rescuing these two great dogs.

  3. petslave says:

    Oh what beautiful dogs, Pam! I miss my girl Audrey, English Setter extrodinaire, a lot. They are sweet gentle dogs, and yours look life field setters which are great. That’s wonderful that you were able to rescue them & give them a good home for the rest of their lives. Sounds like they both had a bad start but ended up in a great place.

  4. nancy says:

    Do they hunt and kill things in the yard??????

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