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Hannah and Tank

Pictures sent in by Paula.

Top: Hannah — Here is what she says about herself: Hi there! My name is Hannah (I am a 9 month old smooth red haired mini dachshund) and I LOVE to go to work with my mummy! Sometimes when I go, I am the only dog there (which is fine with me because I get ALL the attention) and sometimes my friend Tank is there (he is not a wiener dog like I am, but I still like to play with him).

From the day I was born, I KNEW I was beautiful!!! My (doxie) mommy told me and so did my (human) mummy. Everywhere I go, I hear people tell my mummy how pretty I am!

I also have a sister - Oatmeal - she is older than I am (she’s 6 years old). My mummy and daddy had her when I came to live with them. She has protected me from the day I came to live with her and she has taught me how to get what I want from my mum and dad.

I hope you like my picture!

Middle: Picture of Hannah and her mom, Paula. This is Hannah’s favorite picture of her and her mommy.

Bottom: Hannah and Tank. Paula works in a small office that is very pet friendly. Once a month, they have “Bring your dog to work day”. She has 2 dachshunds (Hannah is 9 months old and Oatmeal is 6 years old) and a gentleman she works with has a 3 month old boxer/lab mix (his name is Tank). This picture is of them (Hannah & Tank) finally settling down long enough for her to snap a picture. They had been playing all day and decided to take a rest underneath her desk on the Sponge Bob blanket.

4 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Dog Pictures”

  1. Just a stranger says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL girl! She looks like she is a sweet thing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a sweet face! I have a doxi mix myself so I’m a bit predjudiced in their favor, so much personality in such a small form!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Love them they are great!

  4. Bridgett says:

    Hi, Hannah! You are a beautiful, little girl. I am sure you are also very smart and mischievious aren’t you?

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