Itchmo Reader Pics

March of Dimes Dog
Rescue Puppy

Top: Dog taking a break at the March of Dimes Walk in California– pic sent in by Kam

Middle: Pic sent in by Emmeline from Smiling Dog Rescue — Here is her description: “Here’s a rescue puppy at 8 minutes old, in its proverbial birthday suit. : ) Just such a beautiful thing. I helped the mother dog birth these eight pups, which started with getting this stray dog healthy and encouraging a substantial weight gain to her emaciated body in order to have healthy pups. I rubbed the puppy’s bellies to stimulate them to take their first breath, and I cut their umbilical cords with tiny, sterilized scissors and tied off the cords with dental floss. It was an amazing, best life experience.”

Bottom: Yeti — Here is what her guardian says about her: “She is a very sweet polydactyl kitty. She was adopted as a kitten with a non polydactyl kitten (Snitch). Unfortunately, the non polydactyl kitten has required a vet visit or two due to injuries sustained from falling while trying to follow Yeti, who is able to boldly go where no kitten has gone before due to her extra “thumb.” Yeti does quite an impressive high wire act across grape vines to get on to the roof. Snitch, not so much.” — pic sent in by Christi

3 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. Jen says:

    Wow that picture of Yeti is FABULOUS!!!!! Great pic!

  2. Amy says:

    Agreed - what a beautiful cat!

  3. Eric says:

    I must agree that Yeti is one beautiful little kitty. And what a great picture at that.

    The 8-minute old pup is adorable as well.

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