Itchmo Reader Pics

Gizmo and Brat

It’s all about cats time at Itchmo Reader Pics! These pics are all sent by Jennifer of her four cats.

Top: Baby Cat (she is the elder in the group, 10 yrs old, even though she doesn’t show her age)

Middle: Gadget (2-years-old, found after hurricane Charley — sweetest of the 4 and the one most attached to Jennifer as “mom”, sleeps touching her at all times)

Bottom: Brat (he is the bruiser of the group, trouble maker, but very affectionate and talkative, 3-years-old) and Gizmo (2-years-old, found after hurricane Charley, very affectionate and loving, and the clown of the group)

One Response to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. Renee says:

    What a precious group of kitties!!! You are definitely blessed to have them in your life. :) Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs.

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