Itchmo Reader Pics




Top: Dallas, a 110- pound German Shepherd who was dropped of at the county animal shelter. He truly is a gentle giant and he likes to lay in the wheelbarrow and watch his “people” do yard work! — pic sent in by Kathy

Middle: Taz — This lovely tabby cat was dumped off at the high school that Cindy used to teach at, at the age of six weeks. He’s now 8 years old and has been a part of her house ever since. — pic sent in by Cindy

Bottom: Dakota — She was dodging cars out in Ashland, Virginia at a busy intersection. She was adopted 4 years ago when she was 6 months of age. She and Taz are buddies and are both sweeties. — pic sent in by Cindy

2 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. Debbie4747 says:

    What three beautiful saves they all are. Thanks to the owners for giving them a second chance and better life.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Dallas looks adorable in his wheelbarrow…. Looks like he is a spoiled gentle giant!

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