Itchmo Reader Pics


Top: Baci (a 5 year old Toy Fox Terrier who is currently in the hospital for pancreatitis — we hope Baci gets better soon!) — sent in by Christopher; Middle: Bear (adopted from MEOW shelter in Mercer Island, WA — he’s a “huge love in a very gentle way”) — sent in by Susan; Bottom: In loving memory of Doozie (who was euthanized due to acute kidney failure — her owner described her as having “a Groucho Marx eyebrow, stubborn comic disposition, and loving heart” — you are dearly missed) — sent in by Anni

4 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. susanUnPC says:

    Bear is so proud he’s been featured! Thank you!

    Here’s what a love he is. I care for a nearly feral cat that was rescued from the WalMart parking lot a couple years ago. She lived inside until she escaped through an open window, and has ever since been outside and fed regularly by me. She’s terrified of humans and most cats. But Bear has gently befriended her .. they kind of softly bump up against each other and their tails entwine. It’s the sweetest thing to see Bear be able to get close to such a fearful cat!

  2. susanUnPC says:

    Baci is absolutely darling!

    And, Anni, I’m so sorry for your loss. Doozie (what an outstanding, funny name) sounds like she was an incredibly special cat.

  3. Joan Steik says:

    Sending a bunch of (((HUGS))) just for you Baci

  4. Joan Steik says:

    Cat Wings…

    When I die, give me away to the children.
    If you need to cry, cry for the paws that have not known love.
    Give someone a hug, give them what you need to give me.
    I want to leave you with something, something as magical as the rainbows that paint the sky.
    Look for me in the friends I have known and loved.
    Let me live on in your acts of kindness.
    Love does not die… So when all that is left of me is love,
    Give me away……
    So I can earn my wings and fly in the night, along with the stars, and twinkle, twinkle, ever so bright.

    Your Cat Angel….. DOOZIE

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