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Top: Doolie O’Shay — This is what his mom, Sherry, says about him: “Doolie was part of the pet food recall. The vet said he was okay but he would not eat. They took x rays of him and he has cancer in his lungs. My beautiful baby has only a little time left in this world. He is a lover and tries so hard to be good. It breaks my heart. I blame this on the food he lived on and myself because I did not know the food I was feeding him would harm him.” Our thoughts are with you both Doolie and Sherry.

Bottom: Jasmine

Both pics sent in by Sherry

7 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. Debbie4747 says:

    Sherry…Doolie O Shay is beautiful. I’m so very sorry he has cancer and hope the time you have left together will be good. He will be in my prayers to be with you longer than you may be anticipating. He does look sweet.
    Jasmine looks like my Razzeratz!

  2. Ann Jackson says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Doolie.:( My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Debra says:

    I am so sorry about Doolie. He is a beautiful. My family had a rough coat collie when I was young. He was my companion sleeping by my bed every night. I have never forgotten him. You must forgive yourself or you will never be able to get past the grief of losing him. You know that Doolie always forgives you and does so now. There is also the possibility that the food did not cause the cancer. Do not add to your pain. The love you feel will always remain.

  4. Dana says:

    How special they both are-and so lucky to have you! Best to you all, and hope for lots of time together.

  5. sandi says:

    Beautiful animals, both of them.

    So sorry for what you, your family and Doolie are experiencing.


  6. Jenny Bark says:

    Sherry I’m so sorry for you, Doolie and everybody else in your family including your kitty. I know exactly how you feel and it hurts really bad. Enjoy every second you have with your baby now because their will never be enough time. We lost our 2 girls and they said it was not the food but we know it was. They ate Eukanube restricted calorie dry & canned that they put chromium tripicolinate in it plus who knows what else. They are only aloud to put 0.2ppm or less in pig food and none in dog food. They put up to 200 ppb in dog food and never recalled it. Of course it was not on the label, we hate them. Your Doolie’s eyes look just like our Roxy’s. She was our perfect girl(belgium tribet & colie). She never did anything wrong even as a puppy, she just loved her family and home even more than playing. Our two girls & our 1 boy(still alive) had all kind of tumors. We keep getting them checked but they always came back no cancer. Our vet opeaned our Roxy up to try and save her put she was full of cancer, she cleaned her up the best she could and we all thought we might get 6 months more we didn’t. Our vet was wonderful but their was just too much cancer. We tried to give our Roxy steak, chicken, baby food, everything and anything but she didn’t want it just that damn eukanuba. I didn’t know about the chromium tripicolinate so clear up to the day before she died I would give her and Misty little bits by hand from the canned. We need these laws changed so we can help other people and their babies. These big food company”s and their stockholders have treated us like trash to be throw away. I think we all need to march in DC before Senator Durbin’s bill dies. The people in the 60’s had it right. You know our perfect Roxy didn’t need to loose weight but she didn’t like her food so I let her eat the restricted diet with the others. Yes dear dear Sherry we know how you feel and all our love and prayers are with you and all your family. We are also sending you all lots of hugs so please give some to Doobie from us. When Doobie goes to heaven tell him to look for Roxie she will be the one with the eyes (even the expression in them) like his and the same beautiful color of fur. I think they will be buddies along with my other babies untill we join them Love and prayers Jenny

  7. High Note says:

    Thank you Debbie, Ann, Debra, Dana, Sandi, and Jenny for your kind words. I must admit when I seen my babies picture on itchmo that it made me cry. I really did not think it would be posted. There are so many beautiful loving pets out there that have died because of tainted food and my heart goes out to all of you.
    And Jenny I will give my Doolie a big hung from you and I will be sure to tell him about Roxie.
    I have never heard of Chromium Tripicolinate but it sounds like a terrible thing to have in our pet food. I am so very sorry about Roxie too! We will never forget them! I know myself I will always feel my Doolie’s love for the rest of my life. He is the most loving friend I have ever had and I guess that only makes it hurt a lot more when his time comes.
    The vet gave him some medicine that has seemed to help his appetite. He is really eating well now and that is good. At least I am not hysterical over trying to get him to eat! So.. maybe, Just maybe we will have a little more time together then I thought. I sure pray we do. And thanks again all of you for your kind words and thoughts.
    Sherry (Doolie O’shay and Jasmines mom)

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