Itchmo Reader Pics

Me Too
Huey and Emma

Top: MeeToo (a Shih Tzu rescue — he’s called that because everywhere she goes, he wants to go too, so he says “Take me too!”)– pic sent in by Lynn — Lynn says that in this picture, MeeToo has a look that says “Menu Foods, you want me to eat THAT? No, thank you!”; Bottom: Huey and Emma (they both have been affected by the recalled food and are being treated — Speedy Recovery, Huey and Emma and you both will be in our hearts and thoughts) — pic sent in by Teri

2 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. susanUnPC says:

    I’m in LOVE — with all three of them! Cutest dogs ever. MeeToo, lucky you to have a wonderful home. Huey and Emma, our best wishes — feel better soon!

  2. catherine pierson says:

    glad to hear huey and emma are being treated. teri’s last post was that the vet wanted payment in full and that was not possible. can we have an update on this happy ending.

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