Itchmo Reader Pics

Dog Hidden Under a Table
Two Beagles

Top: Max (a Yorkie mix rescue who was nervous and chewed and marked things when he was first adopted — but now he is calm, has gained weight and strength and guards the house and the garden) — pic sent in by Marilyn; Middle and Bottom: Pics sent in by NataJo5

3 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. susanUnPC says:

    Max’s mom, Marilyn, takes such good care of Max. He’s the loveliest little dog. But, I hear he can’t tell the difference between robins and crows, and chases both!

  2. LEO says:

    They Are Some Beautifull Dogs,Luv The Beagles Kissing

  3. Chey says:

    such cute dogs… heaven-sent… :)

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