Itchmo Reader Pics


Dutch and Andi


Top: Clyde by phone — “This is Clyde, scooped up and given a loving home after being abandoned and left outdoors. He is very dear, a joy to have found!” Pic sent in by dvauken

Middle: Dutch the Schipperke (11 years old) & Andrew (2 years old) coonhound/flat-coated retriever cross - in the wrong beds — Pic sent in by Sue

Bottom: Female hummingbird — Pic sent in by Donna “I would like to add, especially for those who would like to begin feeding hummingbirds but don’t want to buy the manufactured sugar water, “food” is four parts water to one part sugar. No honey, please!”

3 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. Merlin says:

    Its easy to make up the hummingbird food, mix the 1 part table sugar to 4 parts water. Most recipes say boil it and then let it cool. I’ve had success just mixing well in cold water until the sugar is dissolved. No food coloring please! Red food coloring is harmful to humming birds.

  2. petslave says:

    these are my two silly dogs!

    Clyde is waiting for his call, don’t disturb him please.

  3. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Clyde’s really cute — but shouldn’t somebody tell him about voicemail?

    petslave, it’s like a sectional sofa for dogs!

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