Itchmo Reader Pics




All pics sent in by Donna-Marie

Top: Trista is the little lady who is also the boss despite her diminutive size.

Middle: Tyler is a laid-back lovable fellow.

Bottom: Scrapper is the big boy in the family and a best buddy to Tyler.

7 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. Ruth says:

    Donna-Marie, I saw your kitties and this is what I see in my mind,lol.

    Trista: “I”m just a tired kitty who needs her much deserved rest, its hard being the boss.”

    Tyler: “Who me? I didn’t do it.”

    Scraper: “Oh….. yes he did!”

    Cute,Cute kitties!!

  2. Ruth says:

    Donna-Marie, this is what I see in my mind when looking at your pictures,lol.

    Trista:” I’m just a tired kitty who needs her well deserved rest, it’s hard being the boss.”

    Tyler: “Who me….I didn’t do it!!”

    Scrapper: “Oh…..yes he did!!”

    Cute,Cute Kitties!!

  3. Ruth says:

    Sorry for the double post!

  4. Trudy Jackson says:

    Such sweet cats. and very good pictures.

  5. Gerry says:

    Sooo cute…. Scrapper does look like a big guy! Looks like you take good care of them.

  6. Donna-Marie says:

    Thank you for the kind comments; they truly are three unique personalities and a real joy in my life.

    Thank you Itchmo - It was such a pleasure to see my crew when I checked in today!

  7. Donna Beauvais says:

    I recognize these 3 only to well. That’s my little lady, my buddy and Big Boy. Nice to see them showing themselves off.

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