Itchmo Reader Pics

Topaz and Geisha



Top: Topaz and Geisha, both are survivors of the pet food recall — Pic sent in by Lorie

Middle: Lucy, big canine sister to Smudge and Jessica both recovering ARF cats. She’s looking at Harry, her littermate, who is afraid of swimming and won’t join her! Pic sent in by Carol

Bottom: Batman — He’s named Batman because he always wears his mask. He is a survivor of the pet food recall. Pic sent in by Evelyn

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  1. Carol says:

    Just want to make clear that Lucy (middle pix) is on her boogie-board by choice. She has the ability to get out of the pool (she uses the steps) but would much rather lounge around watching the world go by. We have to “command” her to get out!!!

  2. Carol says:

    Lorie, Are you “LorieVA”??–as I remember reading a post by you quite a while ago about FF Elegant Medleys—there is a another new poster who said she thinks this made her kitty sick—I’ll try to find more info and post it for you!!!

  3. Evelyn says:

    Can hardly contain my excitement about my Batman’s picture being displayed worldwide! This high is going to last for quite a while. Batman has had three treatments for hyperthyroidism with liquid radiation (one is what most cats get), is 14, and is one of the sweetest cats I have ever had.

    He was left to live on the street by my neighbor and has outwitted foxes, skunks, racoons, deer, coyotes, snakes, etc. I adopted him at age two on Halloween Eve, after discovering owner had given him up to be a hobo near the train tracks. Thank you so much, Itchmo.

  4. Lorie says:


    Yes it is me LorieVA or Lorie i only added the VA for a while during the time the girl from Canada was posting and we both spelled our name with an e on the end.

    I am going to go try and find the poster also do you remember how long ago it was? If you find it still post it for me please. Thanks

  5. Evelyn says:

    Forgot to add: Batman also survived even after eating a lot of the recalled cat food including Nutro Cuts and Gravy, Royal Canin, Hills, Proplan, etc. Kept running away from the recalled brands but the ones I switched to got recalled, also. Sent him on his last radiation trip with Nutro food which was later recalled.

    I wised up to healthy food now, and he is able to carry on his mission, which is frightening but not catching birds, squirrels, moths, butterflies, etc.

  6. Carol says:

    Lorie, It was just a couple days ago.

    Evelyn, Lucy is proud to be in Batman’s company!!

  7. Evelyn says:

    Carol, Batman is honored to be in Lucy’s groups of pics!!!

  8. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Sweet picture, Lorie, of your little survivors.

    Evelyn, Batman is a perfect name for him. Even his little ears look “batty” and his eyes are gorgeous. Beautiful picture. I’m so glad you saved him from a scary life by the railroad tracks and that later on, his superkitty powers were able to fight off damage from the recalled food.

    Carol, your disclaimer made me laugh. Lucy is a beautiful girl, and so cute propped up on her boogie-board!

  9. Ruth says:

    What cute pets and really touching stories that these pets are survivors.

  10. Carol says:

    PBL, I didn’t realize I had written a disclaimer (ha-ha) I just didn’t want any one to think she was there against her will (although I think her expression tells all!) She actually is a lucky girl as I have written over on the forum (Prayers Needed), she recently needed a biopsy of a small lump found on her trunk (very similar to her littermate Harry’s s grade 3 malignant sarcoma found Thanksgiving week—he needed chemo and radiation and is doing okay so far)—then in Feb the kitties got sick so we were saying that Lucy was putting in for a transfer as she was the only healthy one—2 weeks ago I found the lump and when the surgeon was prepping her, he discovered a second!–making a long story short—they were both benign and now I could be hired out as an animal nurse!!! The hardest part for Lucy is she can’t surf for a couple of weeks!!!

  11. petslave says:

    Oh it’s so wonderful to see all these pets I’ve read about in your posts! Lorie, your tabby kitty looks very much like my little Tessa kitty who was diagnosed with CRF in May. Is she a little tiny thing like my Tess?

    And Lucy is doing well! So glad her tests came back negative for cancer, she’s a beauty! That’s funny that Harry won’t get in the water, silly retriever.

    Batman definitely looks like his namesake–good choice for him. What a history–but the caped crusader continues on!

  12. Lorie says:


    Sorry to her about Tessa being diag, with CRF, Topaz is definitely not a little thing, she is almost 16 lbs she is my West VA rescue kitty who made up for being a little sickly thing who almost 3 days after I adopted her (14 weeks old)she had some kind of serve infection and high fever, got that taken care of and she has been doing fine right up until this whole mess started. besides the time she ate the string off her fishing pole toy and had to have exploratory surgery never to fing the string. Till this day that is a mystery.

  13. Katie says:


    Your kitties are so cute! It’s neat seeing pictures to go along with the names. Glad they are doing well.


    My golden Red is very jealous, she loves the water too. Glad to hear Lucy is on the mend.


    Batman is very handsome. Glad he is back to enjoying the good life of chasing the squirrels and butterflies.


  14. Penny says:

    Which of the cats is named Topaz. I had a torti named Topaz for 19 years. I found her in an alley, well maybe she found me, when she was about 9 wks old. The name Topaz fit her to a T, the golden coat and eyes. She was an awesome friend.

  15. Amy says:

    Awwww… what sweet babies!

  16. Lorie says:


    Topaz is my Tortie and it was because of the golden eyes. How funny we both thought of the same name. I hope my Topaz has such a long good life. She just turned 9 this past June, guessing on her birtday because I got her as a rescue at 14 weeks labor Day weekend 1998.

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