Itchmo Reader Pics




Top: Dusty, a standard schnauzer. Dusty swims like a rock. Pic sent in by Lynne

Middle: NutMeg, a cinnamon bengal, with her Harley hat on. Pic sent in by Trudy

Bottom: Amber — “She had a very hard start in life. She was thrown over the fence at animal control where the dogs attacked her. She was a tiny little girl. My vet’s tech went to the animal control to put the animals who couldn’t find a home to sleep. My vet’s tech saw her and brought her back to the clinic. She was in bad shape. My daughter and I went in that day, and Danielle, my daughter saw her and wanted to bring her home. She had been all fixed up by then, but she still had scratches and scars. We brought her home and she is family now. She is happy now. She is still very scared of strangers and very nervous. But she loves all of our dogs and cats, and especially her boy- Christopher.” Pic sent in by Trudy

5 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. vida says:

    What beautiful pics of such wonderful animals! Ambers story is so sad but with a grand ending, finding a human who loves her and a happy home.

  2. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Lynn wrote: “Dusty swims like a rock.” Hilarious. (Um… Maybe it has something to do with him being a “standard”? Next time try the “deluxe” model with optional aquatic upgrade.) :D

    I love his eyebrows, bright little eyes, and floppy/natural ears.

    Trudy, NutMeg reminds me of Puss in Boots — *motorcycle* boots, that is! And Amber has the sweetest face — I’m so glad you gave her a safe, happy home. BTW, that photo of your little hound looks like it was taken at Glamour Shots!

  3. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thanks, I take the pictures Myself.

  4. Lynne says:

    Thanks, PBL. Your suggestion made me laugh. Dusty’s story is here:

    He is the best dog, sweet-natured. I saw him listed on the net as a rescue and adopted him. Has been an absolute treasure.

  5. mittens says:

    there’s something about a cat in leather…..

    i have a photo somewhere of a roommate’s boston terrier in her own custom made leather doggie coat because there’s nothing quite like a dog in leather too…

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