Itchmo Reader Pics



Both pics sent in by Jessica

Top: Kitty Hug

Bottom: “Tastes like chicken, right?”

5 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics”

  1. 5CatMom says:

    What beauties! Abys are the best.

  2. HighNote says:

    Ohhh I love these babies. They are so precious! They look like little lion cubs! I will have to look for a cat just like them! Wow

  3. 5CatMom says:


    Did you raise these babies? Looking at their sweet pictures today has kept me from going “blooey” over the breaking news from Natura.

    We use to have a beautiful red girl who was such a sweetheart. She had petite little paws with lots of hair between her toes.

    They were like little hobbit feet. It was so funny.

  4. elderta says:

    My kitty also loves to eat my toes. I just don’t get it. Cute kitties you have there!

  5. jessica, leo's mom says:


    Yes, I raised them, but they were rescues. Actually, their mama was a rescue and she had 6 babies in our spare bedroom. The one biting my toe is Leo and he is the only one who stayed with us. The others are in their own wonderful homes. We also have a blue rescue and a purchased red. Our own 3 ring circus I say. :)

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