Itchmo Reader Pics


Top: Scrappy– pic sent in by Linda — Here is what Linda says about Scrappy: Scrappy is a rescue dog who was taken from people who were carrying him around by his head and mistreating him in other ways. When I say “taken” that’s literally what I mean. My grandson just walked up and took the dog and put him in his pocket and brought him home. The vet did not hold out much hope for him and he weighed one pound. His backbone was two inches higher than his body and he was so starved. He survived and we named him Scrappy. He is now a happy healthy dog who thinks he is just all there is. We pretty much do too and he is a beloved part of our family.

Middle: In memory of Makenzie (she was put to rest on March 7, 2007) — she lives forever in her family’s heart and “she was a beautiful dog who made herself at home. We never could convince her that she wasn’t human!” — pic sent in by Donna;

Bottom: Petey (a 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier) launching off the A-frame in an agility trial “Wow! I can fly without my cape!” — pic sent in by Jean

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