Itchmo Reader Cat Picture

Kitty Yoga

Abby doing kitty yoga: “What? Haven’t you ever seen Kitty Yoga before? Abby likes to begin her workout with some nice stretches”

Pic sent in by topiarytreasures

8 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Cat Picture”

  1. Dar Barber says:

    Adorable. Shes a keeper. Soooooo cute

  2. KarlaSanDiego says:

    DARLING DARLING DARLING!!!!! I wish I could take her with me to my yoga classes. I love her!

  3. peter says:

    What a great Cat.. I can say that cause I am Abbys Grandfather..

  4. Abby's Mommy says:

    Well perhaps you can, Karla. Abby is a San Diego girl as well.

    Ah, I see her Auntie Darf and Grandpa are also admiring our Abby today.

    Mommy is so proud of her little yoga kitty. BTW, Abby is also sometimes seen hopping across the living room floor like a tiny little kangaroo. So much talent in such a small package. Guess we’ll keep her.

  5. Abby's Mommy says:

    I almost forgot:

    Hi everybody at TAR, TMR and BSFC.

    This is a great site for all of you animal lovers to visit! Give it a read. You will find a lot of interesting information for you and your furbabies.

    Thanks Itchmo! Hope you get some new readers for your great site.

  6. submarinepainter says:

    Hi TL love your kitty my 2 westies think it would be fun to chase her!!!

  7. Dr. Madd says:

    She is adorable! I like Cats. Snakes are my favorites, but cats are a close second(And tied with some breeds of dog, like Boston Terriers(Of which I have one), and Greyhounds)

  8. Pinu Parkhill says:

    This is one talented cat. I know because I met her once. GO ABBY GO!!

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