Itchmo Reader Pics Part II

Timmy and Magnus
Taz and Quince
Shadow and Sammy

Top: Timmy and Magnus (long-haired chihuahuas) grooming each other — sent in by Renay; Middle: Taz and Quince (a Newfoundland and a Tervuren) playing — sent in by Joan; Bottom: Shadow and Sammy (two rescues who are true survivors) — sent in by Sue

More about Shadow and Sammy after the jump.

Here is Sue’s heart-warming story about her rescue kitties, Shadow and Sammy:

My two cats are both rescues. They are my welcoming committee when I come home every day!

Shadow was rescued from a grocery store February 13, 2001, pregnant and feral. The vet told me that if I hadn’t rescued her when I did she would have died, along with her kittens, since she was only about 5-6 months old. Unfortunately, it was too early in her pregnancy to save the kittens. She spent 8 months under the bed until October 18, 2001, when she decided to actually stand still and let me pet her without running away! I will never forget the look on her face — she actually grimaced! Now she is a pet pig! As you can see, she is a stunningly beautiful, all black cat without a speck of white on her anywhere.

Sammy (the Bull Gravano) showed up in my yard one day in early August, 1999, around 4 months old and incredibly hurt. He had two bites to his head, one so bad that you could actually see his left eye socket (that wound caused facial nerve damage to the right side of his face and he can’t blink or close his right eye), and most of his tail was raw and covered with maggots. That part of his tail had to be amputated and the remaining tail is now about 6 inches long. I tell him all the time that his tail is growing! You should see him smile when I tell him that! I named him after the mobster that turned in John Gotti because he is one tough little cat. And…he has more personality than most of the people that I know! He is an all-orange Tabby, light orange hair with dark orange stripes…and like Shadow, not a speck of white on him either!

Thanks Sue for your wonderful story and for saving two beautiful cats and giving them a loving home!

2 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Pics Part II”

  1. johnypaycut says:

    Sammy the cat reminds me of my Tom rootie bear?
    he lost his tail to a very teritorial male cat? he was a youngster,and took
    on this tuff old thing, it cost him..
    he became the alpha tom of the block.. even dogs that entered the yard
    where dispatched by this ferocous 12lb cat?? he was my friend..
    he passed several years ago, and is missed..

  2. AZSue says:

    Thank you Itchmo, for featuring my beautiful cats. After reading about the CFO of Menu Foods today, this was my first smile :)

    As I’ve said in many posts on this and other sites, I thank God every day that I wasn’t feeding them any of the recalled food. I know how lucky I am…I could be one of the thousands of grieving pet owners right now.

    To all of you that have lost your precious pets, you have my deepest sympathy. I truly feel your pain and wish so much that I could do something to ease it.

    I have called Congressman Kucinich and Senator Durbin to make my voice heard and constantly email everyone I know….

    Wishing I could do more,

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