Itchmo Reader Swan And Duck Pictures



What do you do when the pond dries up?

Upstate New York got a little dry around September and this is what Maureen did for her pet water fowl, after the pond dried up.

Picture and caption sent in by Pam.

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  1. e wem says:

    I have a small plastic saucer sled filled with water under the shade of a big tree for the birds. In the spring a pair of mallards nests somewhere near and they love to stand in the water. The male especially stands guard while the female eats, drinks and enjoys the water

    I had been told ducks can be fed cracked grain but they need lots of water which is why I had set out this ‘pond’. It is the cutest thing.

    I also see the squirrels run up and drink. They put both hands on the rim, put their heads in and drink long and deep. It makes me feel so good to provide this refreshment

    I never had a swan. Now that is awesome! I put out a kids wading pool but gave up. The ducks didnt trust it

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