Itchmo Says What?

Cute DogWe at global itchmo!seattle Megacorp HQ have been in all-day meetings with highly paid consultants regarding our tag line “Connect with your pet. Local information for cats, dogs, and their parents.” So far, here’s what they have come up with:

  • It’s like CNN for your pet’s bowel movements.
  • For that smelly, hairy, noisy thing that isn’t your husband.
  • Dog Whisperer for Seattle. Without the whispering. Plus cats!
  • Lots of outrageously cute pet pictures. You can’t kick this habit.
  • It’s like catnip for humans. But made of information. Mmmm. Info.
  • Do you smell pee, but can’t find exactly where? Itchmo can help.
  • Posts by pet parents. Powered by poop.

We’ll keep you informed as to more tagline ideas as they arrive. This might even be good contest material.

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