It’s My Birthday And I Can Sleep If I Want To…


Um, could someone also take this ridiculous hat off my head too? This Birthday Boy doesn’t like it.

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8 Responses to “It’s My Birthday And I Can Sleep If I Want To…”

  1. kam says:

    Happy birthday to you! Thank you for all the hard work, birthday girl. Oh! Can you after the one putting this ridiculous hat on your head to take it off? Or do it yourself. Ha! Ha!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness! That is the cutest dog! What kind of dog is it?

  3. Pappy says:

    Rubbing his conehead for good luck, all the other Huskies would leave pawprints all over Olaf’s noggin.

  4. Pappy's Fella says:

    The perfect accessory for her beehive hairdo, this pawprint wrap will let your dog rest easy.

  5. Pit Bull Lover says:

    *sigh* “Aaaalright. I’ll blow out your stupid candle, but only if you hold the cupcake down there by my tail…”

    (Isn’t he/she a Samoyed?)

  6. Sitka and Tia's Blawg says:

    What a sweet baby! I think that it may be a white Siberian Husky. Out of the 4 Siberians that I have had, only one allowed me to put a hat on it’s head!!!


  7. Sitka and Tia says:

    Pit Bull Lover - you may be right. I googled a Samoyed and it does look awefully close. I did not realize that they had long snouts like a Siberian.


  8. Jenny Bark says:

    He an American Eskimo. We call them Eskies. I have had 5 of them, still have 2. One I lost that I blame the food.
    I think he is saying thanks for the good steak for my birthday now I need some sleep so I can start playing again. Happy Birthday baby and a long happy life.

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