It’s Tough Living in SeaTac

Ostrich on the lam in SFLiving near an airport has to be tough. The constant noise, the fumes, the traffic, the escaped ostriches… yes. Ostriches. King County sheriff’s deputies and animal control officers were called to catch 2 ostriches that were running around SeaTac on Sunday after some dogs broke through a fence and killed one of the grounded birds. After a two-hour police chase, the birds finally got tired and turned themselves in. I swear, I don’t make this stuff up. The alleged killers are still on the lam. The picture is from another ostrich police chase in San Fran.

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    […] it ended up that the ostriches that were running around on a SeaTac road were not ostriches, but they were pet emus instead. The father and one of the babies were killed by […]

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    […] Ostrichs overrun SeaTac! Wait, they were emus. […]

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