Jersey City Police Dog Accused Of Murdering A Chihuahua

JJAn off-duty Jersey City police dog, Rommel, has been accused of murdering JJ, a Chihuahua.

Rommel was at his officer’s home this past Saturday. JJ and his owner were walking outside of the officer’s home when Rommel and another dog were let outside to take care of business. Reports said that Rommel grabbed JJ in his mouth and started shaking him fatally. When the police arrived, JJ had already died from the incident.

Rommel is now at the Emergency Services Unit Facility and is scheduled to undergo a re-evaluation to determine if he has lost his discipline.

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[Internal Affairs Capt.] O’Callahan’s office is investigating the incident, which he called “unusual and unexpected.”

Rommel, who is 4 years old, is trained only as a bomb-sniffing dog and he has been assigned to the ESU Bomb Squad since coming on the job about 2 years ago, O’Callahan said. Most police dogs are trained to bite and hold, but Rommel has had no aggression training, O’Callahan said.

“The K-9 officers are all dog lovers and it’s always a difficult thing to see a dog hurt like that,” O’Callahan said.

3 Responses to “Jersey City Police Dog Accused Of Murdering A Chihuahua”

  1. mmm. says:

    Sooooo sick of dogs being attacked and killed by other dogs. We should be safe walking on our streets. The handler of this dog should be held
    accountable, obviously he was negligent. No matter who owns the dog or what kind of dog it is………

  2. HighNote says:

    sounds to me like he was protecting his territory and the poor jj got too close. I seen a boxer once do this to a kitten. I just really feel sorry for jj. I used to like to walk my dog around but so many people any more let their pets out of the house to roam and I am always afraid of dog fights. Since this was a police dog, his owner should have had him in a fenced area and not just let him out in the front of his house like that. A police dog can be dangerous! we have a leash law here in my town but people that have house pets just let them out to roam and it really makes me angry. I do not want their dog doo doo in my yard. I clean up my own and they should keep their pets in their own yards and not let them roam. There would be a lot less bites to children and dog fights if people would just put them on a leash to take them out.

  3. karen says:

    So many small dog owners do not teach their dogs manners. The dogs are carried so often they don’t relate well with full size dogs.

    How about we stop blaming the officer and his dog until we know ALL the facts.

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