Judge Reduces Dog Abuser’s Sentence Due To Hate Mail

Benjamin Gerrey, an Australian man, was sentenced to a six month prison sentence for kicking and attacking his five-month-old Doberman puppy while he was drunk. He was convicted of two cruelty charges and banned from owning a pet for five years.

Except the judge in the case, Magistrate Len Brear, suspended three months of Gerrey’s sentence because Gerry was receiving so much hate mail and was being “bullied” by animal lovers.

Brear said the hate mail started after the coverage of the hearing. Angry letters, emails and phone calls flooded the Ringwood Magistrates’ Court and Gerrey’s family’s house. Brear added that these all bordered on contempt.

“People who write these letters are bullies. More often than not they are sick in the head. Such communications are contemptuous of the court. It may border on an attempt to pervert the course of justice,” said Brear.

18 months after the attack, Mishka, the Doberman, is still emotionally recovering from the horrible incident. She is staying at an animal shelter. Staff there say that she is physically healthy and fine, but she is not psychologically ready to put her trust in people again.

“She’s still very fragile, especially with males, after what happened to her. We’re trying to socialize her, monitoring her behavior, but at this stage it’s hard to tell when she will be ready for adoption,” supervisor of the RSPCA shelter, Tamara Brown, said.

When sentencing Gerrey, Brear said he showed callous indifference to Mishka’s pain and suffering. Brear told Gerey that this indicates he has a “ferocious attitude” and that he is not sure how and why it is triggered. The magistrate added those who perpetrate cruelty on animals are also capable of being cruel to humans.

Source: Herald Sun

17 Responses to “Judge Reduces Dog Abuser’s Sentence Due To Hate Mail”

  1. Lynne says:

    Apparently the hate mail should have been directed at the judge. What a moron.

  2. nora says:

    The only sick in the head bullie in this situation is the physco that attacked a defensless puppy. He needs to be horse whipped. Yes, Lynne, the Judge is a moron. That poor little Dobie Girl. Attacked at only 5 months old, What a horrid shame.

  3. moonbeams says:

    The judge is an idiot!

    Only judges are allowed to have opinions - and you better not be too vocal about it either. Dumb - dumb - stupid!

  4. NH says:

    The poor baby was being bullied. What a cry baby! That judge should be hung from his robe!

  5. Merlin Marshall says:

    I don’t get it, people get angry because of what a pet abuser does (and rightfully so!), so the judge suspends part of his sentence? And the people sending the hate mail are not right in the head?!?!

    But of course the pet abuser is right in the head and deserves compensation for being treated like the pariah he is?!?!?

    The judge is the one not right in the head.

  6. ellie says:

    You know, I think it is legitimate for a judge to refuse to be influenced by public opinion–a judge is supposed to put calm reason above emotion.

    BUT: this judge clearly WAS swayed by public opinion–just in the opposite direction. Where’s the sense in that? He should have imposed the sentence without regard to the hate mail–that’s his job.

    And if some people do indeed go too far in threatening the judge or the abuser, or harassing them, fine–there are presumably legal remedies that can be sought against those people who really cross the line.

    It makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER to reduce the abuser’s sentence because the judge is annoyed by expressions of public opinion. What happened to the right to free speech?

  7. mittens says:

    the continual need of society to render all victimizers as the real victim in any situation is part of the reason that the rule of law has been made a mockery -no one is really guilty of any vile thing they do- theyre victims too . there’s no semblence of justice when everyone is the real , coddled victim of their own violent criminal behaviors toward others. another example of the nonextistence of personal responsibility even in the one place it can be mandated legally-a court room.

    the judge and the man need to have the crap kicked out of them both by drunken aussies( wont be hard to find…) with pointed shoes on. the man got a taste of his own medicine-bullying-but unlike the poor dog it wasn’t physical. what a psssy. my mom always told me the bullies were the weakest of all - they always prey on those clearly unable to defend themselves and are the first to fold up and cry like a 5 year old girl whose pigtails were yanked when confronted with someone their own size.

  8. pat says:

    this is ludicrous. do we reduce the sentences of murderers and molesters because they’re held up to the justifiable contempt of the public? if this hate mail was so terrible, then the perpetrators can be prosecuted for harassment, but the fact that the creep got hate mail in no way mitigates his crime. i suppose if this genius brear were the judge in the vick case, he’d be pardoned.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Brear is not fit to be on the bench. He’s obviously a very unintelligent man…HE has perverted the course of justice and failed to remain objective. He has allowed his decision to be swayed by external factors that have nothing to do with the facts of the case. Hopefully, there will be enough of an outcry against this outrageous decision that Brear’s career as a judge will be over. Even better, maybe Gerrey will run into one of the authors of the hate mail, after he gets released early. He’d probably soil himself if someone even said “boo” to him…he’s obviously a real coward.

  10. Lynn says:

    Gee, does this mean that if we write letters to the convict praising his abusive actions the judge will tack on more time to the sentence?

    We already know the convicted abuser is a royal A**. But the Judge also falls in that category. Not sure about Australia, but in the US we have appeals courts, meaning that no Judge is forever high and mighty and is still answerable to decisions made on the bench.

    I say take that Judge’s gavel and [ahem] put it to good use.

  11. KarlaSanDiego says:

    I’m sorry but someone needs to kidnapp that helpless precious doberman puppy from that disgusting animal abuser.

  12. Animal Chaplain Nancy Cronk says:

    Does the judge want all of us to keep quiet and not speak up for animals? It just doesn’t make sense.

    Animal Chaplain Nancy

  13. Lynn says:

    The arrogance of the Judge to think that protesting a light sentence for animal abuse is equivalent to being in contempt of court. What planet is she from?

  14. nora says:

    The puppy is being rehabilitated and will be adopted out when ready by a local Rescue as stated in the story. She is understandably traumatized. It must have been a brutal attack and sounds like it was not the first abuse incident in her young life with this jerk.

  15. Denise says:

    so if a child molester/abuser went before this dingbat judge and got hate mail the judge would retaliate and pervert justice by reducing the sentence placing other children in harms way.

  16. Susmita Simpson says:

    What a disgraceful and depressing abuse of judicial discretion. The judge should be disrobed, as he shows a fundamental inability to understand the simple concept of cause and effect. No matter what sort of mail this abuser received — even letter bombs — it’s 100% IRRELEVANT. He did what he did, and should be punished for it, period. So a clever murderer would get his friends to write him “hate mail” to get his sentence commuted. Where is the logic? This judge gives all judges, lawyers and the so-called “justice system” a bad name.

  17. Sam hates dog and luvs cats says:

    I hate dogs and those people are bullies i hope the puppy dies the gangs aroung here fight dogs :) i wish all puppys would die and the man who kicked the dog should have been praised. im 13 but i could take all your punk asses and I will take a ak-47 to any dog in my area screwing with my animals i would have bashed its brains out ya know what my friend had some puppies she tied concrete blocks around their necks and therew them in the creek and she took the mom dog and shoved a firecracker up her butt and lit it and then she took a knife and split her stomach

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