Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget about keeping our pets safe during this busy time.

Here are some tips to keep your pets happy and healthy during the holidays:

  • Keep fresh mistletoe and holly away from pets. Pets can get sick if they eat some.
  • Secure your tree. Cats have been known to topple entire Christmas trees when they have been playing with tinsel or ornaments.
  • Make sure candles are out of a pet’s reach. Also fumes from scented candles can be deadly to birds because of their sensitive respiratory systems.

For more pet safety tips, visit Steve Dale’s Pet World.

3 Responses to “Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Please add that there should be no icicles or tinsel for cats or dogs to eat, either. IMHO there is no way to keep either one “out of the way” ~ at least witih my cats!

  2. MaineMom says:

    Big fluffy tails and candles are a disaster waiting to happen! I found great battery-activated flicker candles at Home Depot this year to use instead. Same ambiance - no anxiety.

  3. mittens says:

    if you get that extra strong picture hanging wire you can wrap it around the tree trunk in several places and attach it to the wall at the rear of the tree. after i started doing that the ‘ ‘ladies’ never managed to knock a christmas tree down again.

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