LA Times: Bring Food Safety Up-To-Date

This LA Times editorial (reg. req.) favors the creation of one agency to oversee food safety — down from the current 15. It also shed light on why Sen. Durbin (D-IL) and Rep. DeLauro (D-CT) have been leading the charge to pass food safety legislations. If you are cynical about politicians, we hope this will surprise you.

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One Response to “LA Times: Bring Food Safety Up-To-Date”

  1. soma says:

    my form letter to congress:

    I urge you to implement the country of origin labeling legislation and to mandate labeling of GMO crops. Now, more than ever, people like myself are demanding the right to know what we are eating and where it came from. Let me decide!!! This is America. Next they’ll be burning the books. People have right to know. PEOPLE IN THE EU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW AND SO SHOULD WE. I THINK THIS IS A PIVOTAL ISSUE. IT’S OUR VERY FOOD SUPPLY. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS A MESS AND NEEDS AN OVERHAUL. BUT RIGHT NOW I WANT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT I BUY. FIRST I NEED THAT INFORMATION. LARGE CORPORATIONS ARE LOBBYING TO KEEP IT FROM ME. WHY? DON’T I KNOW WELL ENOUGH TO CHOOSE FOR MYSELF. OR DO THEY KNOW THAT THEY HAVE MADE DECISIONS OUT OF SYNC WITH AND DESPITE THE ADVICE OF SCIENTISTS AND CITIZENS. PLEASE HEAR MY VOICE.
    Do not allow the importation of Chinese processed chicken into the US. How can we disregard all of the news that has come out of China about their environmental and industrial conditions and farming practices? Only thoroughly cooking meat can deactivate the bird-flu virus. Do you really want to wager the nation’s and the world’s health for a pound of cheaper, Chinese chicken? I will never buy it, but it’s mere presence here could come home to all of us.

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