EXCLUSIVE: Lab Reports Cyanuric Acid In Unrecalled Dry Food

UPDATE: The company that tested the food requested that we remove the image of the report from this post after being contacted by Proctor & Gamble, the parent company of Iams.

UPDATE 2: We received a call from an Iams spokesman. We have updated the story with their response.

UPDATE 3: We believe the bags in question are located in the Denver area.

ORIGINAL POST: Itchmo has learned that a toxicology test reported the presence of cyanuric acid in an opened bag of what is alleged to be Iams Large Breed dry dog food.

According to the report obtained by Itchmo, the results have been certified by a forensic toxicologist. We have obtained a copy of the toxicology report. Iams Large Breed does not list rice protein concentrate or wheat gluten as ingredients.

In response, Iams says they are “fully confident” that no cyanuric acid or melamine entered their products. They also defended their “exceptional response” to handling customer complaints. When asked if they were testing for melamine and cyanuric acid after the manufacture of their products, Iams said that they were “constantly improving their quality control processes.”

We cannot stress this point enough: This test was performed on a sample from an opened bag. We do not know if this is an isolated case of contamination before or after the sale, or if it is widespread.

This information requires verification and we are asking for your help.

Itchmo is asking you to find an unopened 20 lb. bag of Iams Large Breed dry dog food that matches the lot number: 260608 70574173 F4 US30940 with the expiration date of 6/26/08.

If you find an unopened bag, please email us at tips@itchmo.com and we will provide further instructions. If it’s the right bag, we will pay for the cost of the bag of food, shipping and testing. There will be no cost to you.

If an unopened bag is found and tested, we will release the results as soon as they become available regardless of the outcome.

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  1. Steve says:

    P&G has de-evolved apparently into your typical cannibalistic global monstrosity like all the rest of these former home grown U.S. Corporations who have gone “global”. These guys won’t quit until they’ve devoured every last living thing on the planet for personal profit. These outfits have become the modern day barbarians.

  2. Beth says:

    I have the Itchmo article with the Iams test results on an email. I can forward this to anyone that wants it. Just send me your email address
    Beth (welshdog@fuse.net)

  3. kellie says:

    i missed alot today i see.
    i also see alot of new names in the comments sections of todays articles.

    great to see more people speaking out or becoming aware.

    If the companies won’t man up and admit poison maybe we can stir up enough interest in NON RECALLED questionable foods and keep more owners aware and save more pets from illness and death.

    once again GREAT JOB ITCHMO.

  4. Helen says:

    JJ: Kumpi has backtested production samples for melamine (all clear) and testing every batch before shipping out. Email Evy and ask about cyanuric acid, she will respond. Natura and Kumpi are the only two companies I know of that are doing this so far.

  5. Donna says:

    Regarding testing of product, keep in mind that any time you are dealing with a product where the package has been opened, it creates certain loopholes legally.

    Obviously to get dry food, you have to open the package. However, in court attorneys will say as soon as the package is opened, someone could have tampered with it.

    They can only “allege” it is a certain product if the packaging is opened.

  6. Ruth says:

    Just look in the Sunday paper and you will see all the ads of price cuts on pet foods and some are even giving away can food with dry food purchase.
    And a month ago the pet food companies were giving away coupons for free food and $ off coupons. Trying to buy is off.

    We want safe food not you buying us off. These companies need to be hurt in the pocket book for their greed in poisoning our pets.

    Why did P& G want the test result off? What are you so afraid of? Maybe the truth….oooh…. to late…. you dragged your corporate feet deeper into the ground… you can fool people some of the time but not all the time….and you have lost our trust in your products.

  7. Moony says:

    Shouldn’t Itchmo be able to show the reporters the report if the reporters ask? Or at least be able to do an article about the strongarm tactics P&G used to get it taken down?

  8. Donna says:

    Let’s also keep in our thoughts the companies/labs who are testing the pet foods. I have personally dealt with AccuTrace and they have been very, very helpful. I am certain all of them are doing a good job.

    However, as we have seen in this instance, a corporate giant is going to exert pressure for no public view of any documents. Unless a lab opens the package, they cannot state with 100% certainty of the brand.

  9. straybaby says:

    seems to me it could be a problem for itchmo if the test was passed around and published with out being able to verify a sample from a sealed product.

    not to defend PG or Iams, but with their problems in the past with Peta, it might be better to find another bag from that batch or a patch close in sequence/from the same plant around the same time. It would be ideal if PG would just PROVE one way or the other their product safety. Words don’t mean jack these days.

  10. DMS says:

    The way the FDA/USDA/Big Business is handling this reminds me of one of the original Saturday Night Live skits where they were parodying a TV commercial for a multi-purpose floor cleaner called “Sparkle” or “Shine” something. The actors were shown cleaning the floor with it, saying I can mop the floor with it, I use it as a dessert topping, etc. etc.

    And now melamine: It’s an industrial plasticizer, and a seed coat, and a fertilizer, and a livestock feed component, and a USDA approved food additive.

    Or aminopterin: It’s a cancer drug, and a genetic marker in GMO crops, and a rat poison, and an ingredient in pet food, and currently being evaluated for safety as a human food additive.

    Cyanuric acid: I use it to stablize the chlorine levels in the pool, I cook with it–you see where I am going here. Fact is stranger than fiction–and reality 2007 is more bizarre than drug- influenced 1970 or 1980 comedies. God help us!
    Unconsionable Stamp of Diluted Aggregates!

  11. pam says:

    fyi: national class action lawsuit…basing it on fraud. www.mflegal.com/petfoodlawsuit

  12. Steve says:

    Whats next in this most favored nation trading game. China will say Iowa added melamine to their soybean shipments?

  13. Helen says:

    Kim, looks like it hasn’t appeared yet. I will go check your site for comment links.

    Amy, good thing we had our fun last night isn’t it? Make mine a chocolate melatini.

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    I am just in shock, again! So, does this mean that oil of Olay, And My wonderful folgers coffe is made in China? I will change all of this if it is. I’s hard to take this all in. And Tide too? So many things i use, but won’t if it’s made in china. Is that what it means?
    I will stop everything made in china, especially for the cats I lost.
    And on our nightly news, they said the bigest buyer of food and other things from China was Walmart.
    I always thought coffee was from Brazil or columbia?

  15. Kim says:

    OOPs, I never posted this. Wrote it a couple of hours ago and left it open in my browser…

    Furmom - Looks like I’m a very cynical person too. ::sigh::

    # Helen Says:
    May 24th, 2007 at 6:37 pm
    Has anyone had a pet eat DRY food and immediately die? Seems like immediate death is more common with the canned food, and longer wasting illness with the dry, based on reports I have been reading. If the dry food poisoning is slow, it is then harder to recognize, and therefore companies have been “getting away with” not recalling it. My cat’s dry food illness was slow in progression and she recovered when the food was removed. Anyone?

    Response: Many (most?) of the cases I’ve read bear this out, however I have seen exceptions. Here are a few that point to sudden illness - see links -


    # Helen Says:
    May 24th, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    Also, as I have been reading all this time, as months went by, newer bags seem to have been faster acting, e.g. pet ate bag bought in April and got sick quickly, vs. pet ate food from bag bought in January got sick more slowly. Are we just on alert to notice right away, or is the new food worse than food from earlier months. Anyone?

    This one I’m not as sure about. I’ve read lots of posts like “gave them a food from a brand new bag and they threw up”, from more recent purchases.

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Darn computer is doing strange things.
    Are You sure We’re not dealing with terrorism?
    I’m so upset. It’s all unbelieveable.

  17. Helen says:

    Trudy Jackson, people are talking about boycotting Proctor and Gamble regardless of where these items are made. Don’t know which are made in China. Many of those items I don’t use because they made me itch.

  18. Trudy Jackson says:

    Then I will boycott P&G. No problem. I know they do some horrible testing on animals anyway. And I just found out Tide has fiberglass in it.

  19. JJ says:

    Helen glad you posted Kumpi and now with that company and Natura we have 2 that test, test, and test for anything in their food before putting it on the shelves. www.naturapet.com Sorry do not have the web site for Kumpi maybe Helen can post it so people can check out these two places for pet food.

  20. Helen says:

    Kim, Wow, thank you.
    I am not ready to call every vomit case poison yet. Lots of vomiting from sudden food change, but I do AGREE that immediately stopping a food that caused vomit is a GOOD IDEA. I know that right before the recalls, I was thinking maybe I should switch my cat to senior formula of Nutro since my cat seemed to be having old lady issues. She had been picking at the months old bag of food and getting slowly more ill. When I opened that bag of Nutro senior, same shape, same color, same flavor, (to me) same smell, she would not eat one bite of it. Not one. Recalls begin. I thump myself hard on the head and take her off the Nutro altogether. I am very much afraid that if she had eaten that new bag of senior she would have been seriously ill in a hurry. I have said before, I am sure she could smell and taste the problem, and it was clearly worse in the new bag bought in March because she wouldn’t go near it.

  21. Lorie says:

    I have nothing pressing to get home to tomorrow night. I am going to stop off at a few grocery stores and Petsmart on the way home determined to find a bag of tath IAMS.

    So if I do send in my FF wet, that is not opened and the opens it and tests it is that good enough PROOF or not, very confused at what flies and what doesn’t too many loop holes to protect the crooks. IMO

  22. martin says:


    Last night was sure a lot more fun than tonight!!!


    You mentioned:
    Unless a lab opens the package, they cannot state with 100% certainty of the brand.

    That is true. How can anyone be 100% certian unless they find an un-opened bag. I remember seeing the product and number was provided by the person who sent it. Itchmo said it was an opened bag.

    The only way to prove if this is valid is FIND A SEALED BAG. I think what the lab got was tested and the acid was there. But there is still the case of the open bag.??

    We have got to find the same bag & #to see if the stuff was tainted with or not.

  23. kellie says:

    i see alot of ppl freaking over China products, even coffee.
    Trudy, i don’t think the coffee is grown there. most likely shipped there for cheaper processing and packaging.

    That’s not to say it doesn’t get contaminated in china.
    Thing you have to realize is China is the highest population in the world. They do not have all the land or climate to grow everything from coffee to all other crops.

    Yes some is grown there but most stuff is shipped there to be processed only. because it’s way cheaper. even US grown stuff is sent there, packaged, then returned.

    These companies AND THE U.S. consumers are gonna have to make tough choices.
    Do the companies want to bite the bullet and open or RE-OPEN U.S. packaging and processing facilities and do the american buyers want to pay more for these products.
    I for one would pay a little more especially if it goes to pay AMERICAN workers a decent living.
    Sadly most people dont think this way tho, certainly big buisness doesnt.

    Speak up. write the companies, post blogs, get awareness out there and tell people if they want quality products th

  24. JJ says:

    Trudy where did you find that out about the fiberglass in Tide? And like you I also thought most of the coffee was grown in Brazil or Columbia? I’ve been drinking Folger’s since 1970 and until reading on here what P&G does to animals had no clue. It made me sick in my heart. Iams should not be left out of the how they do their testing either. I couldn’t read the whole thing as to what they do to the poor, helpless, defenseless lil fur babies. One thing was they cut away part of the skin exposing the muscles-gawd they have no souls and no feelings.

  25. kellie says:


    tell people if they want quality products that they arent going to get a can of cat food for 30 cents anymore or a tube of toothpaste for 2 bux if they want CHINA out of the middle man buisness.

  26. Trudy Jackson says:

    My husband, by mistake, bought a bag of Beneful for our 4 dogs. None of the dogs would eat it. Has this ever been tested by anyone? I took it right away from them. And our dogs love food!

  27. straybaby says:

    “And I just found out Tide has fiberglass in it.”

    Trudy, where did you find this info?! OY!

  28. kellie says:

    there is a beneful thread in the forums trudy

  29. Amy says:

    Hey Lorie - you have an email on testing waiting for you at work tomorrow morning (my friend sent lots of detail - she rocks!)

  30. Helen says:

    EEEK! Trudy Jackson, I have read so many horror stories naming Beneful, so glad for you they refused to eat it!!!

  31. kellie says:

    WALMART has a big post on thier store events homepage saying how they are proud to start carrying IAMS and have 2 NEW IAMS brands coming in june2007, they even offer free samples.

    Anyone wanting to get free samples and have it tested would be a good idea.

  32. E. Hamilton says:


    Looks like the aspca wants to know.

  33. Amy says:

    Helen - no fun tonight. I think Elliott must be hoarding the tequila to herself after today’s news.

  34. Kim says:

    Trudy - TONS of horror stories about Beneful. Doggybling is spearheading an effort to get it recalled. Look here:


  35. Trudy Jackson says:

    First, I heard about tide from My daughter. It makes Her husband itch.
    So, I mentioned it to a girlfriend, because I have always used it, and she said- Oh, i always knew it had fiberglass in it. I’ll call them tomorrow to make sure. i’ll let You all know, but 2 people saying the same thing amazed Me. And yes, P&G did useless tests on the animals. not for meds or anything very important.

  36. Rose says:

    Hello Itchmo, thank you for your service. We are so grateful for your regular updates. My son’s 2 Shitzu’s died of kidney failure. The 5 year old in February ( when there was nothing known about contaminated food), the 13 month old in March. Both dogs were on Iams food.
    Ever since I found your website I am receiving your e-mail. My dog was on “Natural Balance Veal and Brown Rice”. I phoned the store who sold it and they did not even know about the recall. They returned my call 30 minutes later to let me know, that I was right and to return the food for a credit. I live in Western Canada and our vet told us, there were no cases of animal problems related to food. What a lie. We changed vets and found out that there were a few dead dogs and cats in our town
    I don’t know, why a vet is trying to cover up the problem.

    Keep up the good work you are doing.

  37. martin says:

    Just got the email from the FDA regarding Monkfish:

    FDA Warning on Mislabeled Monkfish
    Fish Believed to be Puffer Fish; Contains Deadly Toxin

    They are trying to kill all of us in one form or another.

  38. Helen says:

    Amy, Martin, Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was laughing too hard. Tonight it will be back to can’t sleep because I am too mad and scared. Sigh. And tomorrow is of course fatal food friday again. Which ones…which ones will it be….?

  39. JanC says:

    Hey Kim: Thanks for responding to Trudy about Beneful……you beat me to it. Great minds think alike *as I pass a bottle to Kim*…….hope you have limes…….haven’t got too many tonight. Knew this was going to be an a**-kicking week & it’s not over yet…..

  40. Janet says:

    I do hope someone finds an unopened bag.

  41. Helen says:

    Kim, one of those posts said a cat died immediately after eating the very dry formula senior Nutro my cat refused! I have been watching carefully about comments on Nutro and missed that one! Thank you again for the links. I CAN’T BELIEVE I USED TO FEED HER NUTRO! >:{

  42. dazzled_1 says:

    BUY AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE SAID THIS SINCE THE NAFTA AGREEMENT…… Nothing is safe coming from another country because they dont have the safety laws in place that we do in America.

    As far as toothpast…. mix a paste out of baking soda and peroxide for white teeth and germ killer.

    As far as store bought pet foods…..I cant believe any of you still buy them or trust them. Home cooking is too easy and healthier!

    My dog had eaten Pedigree dry food for 6 years… this year he almost died from kidney failure.. He had blood coming out every oriface and IT STILL IS NOT ON RECALL.

    As far as human food is concerned….why do we need to import fish or for that matter corn, wheat, meat…..any food? American farmers and fishers are perfectly capable of supplying the American people with all of this.


  43. Steve says:

    Oh I forgot I went to the hardware store to pick up a few things. About 10 made in China labels later I just threw up my hands in disgust and left.

  44. kellie says:

    dazzeled read my post.
    its not jus chinese grown crops or caught fish its also AMERICAN COMPANIES sending their stuff to china to be processed and packaged and then it comes back here for the store shelves.

  45. Julia says:

    For those of you wanting to get rid of P&G products, it’s really not that difficult. I’ve done it a long time ago as I am opposed to animal testing. There’s a lot of alternative, cruelty-free and eco friendly products out there. If you’re looking for an every day cleaning items like a dish-washing detergent, laundry detergent or all-purpose cleaner, try Seventh Generation or Ecover. Jason or Tom’s of Maine (although keep in mind that Colgate-Palmolive is Tom’s parent company) are great if you’re looking for toothpaste. I use Revlon and Avon for make-up. There are really tons of good companies out there and we need to support them. I said goodbye to P&G (and others) long time ago and never looked back :-)

  46. Judy Boone says:

    Thank heavens for ITCMO !! and the many bloggers. I too am a “paranoid pet parent” wonder why any pet parent would be paranoid—-
    ?? see Menu–Procter/Gamble–Iams–and ALL the other murders that sell us food that kills , an ineffectual FDA and evidently a gov. that couldn’t care less –all the companies have one goal $$$$$$ while we are sold out to China or any country that can help the greedy ba—-ds make mega bucks these companies have starved out the farmers and factory workers while endangering every living thing you are “lucky” to even find a person you can understand when you finaly reach a real person with your complaints /questions and you can rest assured -if the info. is adverse you will not get it!

  47. YaYa says:

    LorieVA, I have a Witness to every thing about the foods I’ve saved.
    The opened ones, per FDA’s instrutions to me- in the Deep Freezer- with caps on them; wrapped and in heavy zip-loc bags.
    I also have the remains of my Imas hairball care Dry sealed as well. {also have plenty of the same canned foods unopened yet as well}
    I guess I was lucky to suspect FOOD and Stop. And SAVED the remains. That was Before the Recall too.

    Just keep safe what you might still have. Don’t toss anything Out.

    Might help to just give a call to one of the Legal Firms, {involved in the Suits}
    and ask a “basic” question about Remaining foods being used in the future and whether it might be Legit. {even tho you may not {yet} be involved in a Suit.} Ask them for advice on evidence you have that MIGHT be used. See what they think.

    This whole Issue is setting Precedents. So I’d not be discouraged, by existing laws that seem to lean against us.
    IF we can find the same bags/cans on shelves and can purchase them for Future use, then let’s Go for It!

    {P.S. And to: TERI, Teri I hope they did not give ya’ll too much BS :-P Talk with Ya soon!}

  48. Lorie says:


    Thanks for the getting your friend to send me the info, can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

    Also does anyone know if P&G has a deal with COSTCO almost all the brands I listed above I use because I can buy them in BULK at COSTCO?

  49. dazzled_1 says:

    Janc and Kim

    Is your tequila made in Mexico? and are your limes from China?

  50. Marcia says:

    I realize California Natural is considered one of the “better” foeds out there, but my “kids” had terribly loose stools and were drinking a lot of water after eating it. I went back to Canidae (which I switched to during this horrible crisis), even though they don’t care for it as much and everything is “normal” again. They seem like a good company but perhaps something happened that they were not aware of - or perhaps my “kids” just couldn’t tolerate it for some reason; but I am curious if anyone else had any kind of adverse reaction to California Natural?

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