Lamb And Hawk On The Loose In New York City

Lucky Lady

Anything and everything can happen in wild New York City. And it become just a little bit wilder on Wednesday, June 13. On that day, there were three separate sightings of animals roaming in “The Big Apple”.

Around 10 am, a former parks commissioner reported spotting a hawk that had crash landed in midtown Manhattan. And then around 11:30 am, just a couple of blocks away from the hawk sighting, there was a report of another wounded bird, an American kestrel. It crashed into the HSBC building and was picked up off the sidewalk by a nearby shop owner.

Also, around 11 am, there was a report of a lamb running around the Bronx. Police captured the female lamb and turned her over to the Animal Care and Control of New York City.

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The 7-month-old lamb caught a break, said shelter manager Liz Keller. She apparently escaped from a live animal market, where she would have been sold for food. Now she’s bound for a farm sanctuary elsewhere in New York state.

“The staff named her Lucky Lady,” Keller said. “She’s adorable.”

The birds were rescued by the Department of Parks and Recreation, which determined they were 7-week-old fledglings shaken up while testing their wings. Both were expected to recover and be returned to the wilds of Manhattan.

2 Responses to “Lamb And Hawk On The Loose In New York City”

  1. High Note says:

    thank goodness the baby lamb was saved. It seems a little young for a lamb to be at a meat market. How sick. I am glad I don’t eat lamb.

  2. Elderta says:

    We love our hawks and Peregrine falcons around here. The two birds were babies, probably first learning to fly. And I’m glad the lamb got a reprieve, too.

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