Latest Recall News: LA Connection, Expanded Recall, Tainted on Purpose?

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Del Monte Pet Products Modifies Voluntary Recall List

No Additional Brands Included

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As a precautionary measure and in continued cooperation with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Del Monte Pet Products modified its voluntary recall list today to include additional select code dates in the U.S. market only. No new brands are included in this update.

The following product codes and dates are in addition to the codes and dates previously identified in the Del Monte Pet Products voluntary recall:

Jerky Treats Beef Flavor


Aug 16 08

  Dollar General Beef Flavored Jerky Strips

TP7C05 TP7C07 TP7C08

Sep 02 08 Sep 04 08 Sep 05 08

Ol’ Roy Beef Flavor Jerky Strips


Aug 08 08

  Dollar General Beef Flavored Beef Sticks

TP7C08 TP7C09 TP7C10

Sep 05 08 Sep 06 08 Sep 07 08

Ol’ Roy Beef Flavor Snack Sticks


Sep 07 08

  Happy Tails Beef Flavor Beef Sticks

TP7C08 TP7C09

Sep 05 08 Sep 06 08

The complete updated chart of voluntarily recalled product codes is below. Del Monte is confident that all contaminated product sourced with ingredients from the specific plant in China has been identified and is being removed from store shelves. In addition, since the beginning of the recall in mid-March, Del Monte has discontinued sourcing product from this plant.

Consumers should discontinue feeding the products with the Product Codes detailed below to their pets.

Del Monte Pet Products are 100% guaranteed and all returned product will be refunded.

Del Monte Pet Products customers can visit our Website,, or contact our Consumer Hotline at (800) 949-3799 for further information about the recall and for instructions on obtaining a product refund.

As part of the pet community, we value the health and well-being of pets, and we deeply regret this situation. We will continue to take any and all actions necessary to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Importantly, no other Del Monte Pet Products treats or wet dog food products are impacted by this recall, and no Del Monte dry cat food, dry dog food, wet cat food, pouched pet foods or biscuit treats are subject to this voluntary recall.

Following is a COMPLETE and UPDATED list of Del Monte Pet Products and Best Buy Dates that have been voluntarily recalled in the United States.

BRANDED   Production Code/Best By Date
Jerky Treats Beef Flavor Dog Snacks   Code:
Best By:
Aug 06 08
Aug 07 08
Aug 08 08
Aug 09 08
Aug 10 08
Best By:
Aug 15 08
Aug 16 08
  TP7C05 TP7C06
Sep 02 08 Sep 03 08
Gravy Train Beef Sticks Dog Snacks   Code:
Best By:
Aug 19 08
Aug 20 08
Pounce Meaty Morsels Moist Chicken Flavor Cat Treats   Code:
Best By:
Sep 09 08
PRIVATE LABEL   Production Code/Best By Date
Ol’ Roy Beef Flavor Jerky Strips Dog Treats   Code:
Best By:
Aug 06 08
Aug 07 08
Aug 08 08
Sep 02 08
Sep 03 08
Best By:
Sep 04 08
Sep 05 08
Ol’ Roy Beef Flavor Snack Sticks Dog Treats   Code:
Best By:
Aug 19 08
Aug 20 08
Aug 21 08
Sep 05 08
Sep 06 08
Best By:
Sep 07 08
Ol’ Roy with Beef Hearty Cuts in Gravy Dog Food   Code:
Best By:
Dec 21 09
Ol’ Roy with Beef Hearty Strips in Gravy Dog Food   Code:
Best By:
Jan 19 10
Ol’ Roy Country Stew Hearty Cuts in Gravy Dog Food   Code:
Best By:
Dec 15 09
Dollar General Beef Flavored Jerky Strips Dog Treats   Code:
Best By:
Sep 02 08
Sep 03 08
Sep 04 08
Sep 05 08
Dollar General Beef Flavored Beef Sticks Dog Treats   Code:
Best By:
Aug 20 08
Aug 21 08
Sep 05 08
Sep 06 08
Sep 07 08
Happy Tails Beef Flavor Jerky Strips   Code:
Best By:
Aug 08 08
Aug 09 08
Happy Tails Meaty Cuts with Beef in Gravy Dog Food   Code:
Best By:
Jan 29 10
Happy Tails Beef Flavor Beef Sticks   Code:
Best By:
Sep 05 08
Sep 06 08

46 Responses to “Latest Recall News: LA Connection, Expanded Recall, Tainted on Purpose?”

  1. Krystal says:

    Please read this:
    on April 28, there will be a nationwide march as a result of the pet food recalls. The organization is just starting this, and information is split between two sites right now (they’re moving). Check these out:

    Let’s make this huge! All pet owners who have lost a loved one, dealt with sickness from this, or are just plain fed up with what’s been going on, the response, and worrying every time you open a new can, please, consider participating. This is what they say about the march:
    Why we march…
    We are marching in memory of our pets that have lost their lives, we are marching in memory of those pets that are fighting for their lives, we march as pet owners, dog lovers, cat lovers and average citizens that are tired of the lowered safety standards for goods coming in to this country.

  2. Steve says:

    Menu Foods visitors, can you tell us how you will dispose of the recalled food?

    Knowing the way these guys operate and their financial situation it will probably end up in pet food as by products.

  3. Ronda says:

    Fox network in southern California has been airing a segment on the expanded recall several times this morning already (at least 3 times in the last 1-1 1/2 hours). Not that it’s saying anything new, but hopefully this is helping to spread the word to many who don’t go on the internet or who don’t watch CNN.

    Krystal, maybe you can send a press release or something to them and get some on-air coverage for the march?

  4. catherine pierson says:

    does anyone have an opinion on azmira dry dog food? had been feeding my siberian royal canin limited ingredient dry food(prescription only) until i heard of the lawsuit concerning excessive amounts of vitamin d. because of my dog’s food allergies, product choice is limited. azmira holistic line seemed a good alternative. i also feed her people food in the form of wild salmon and tuna. any opinions on azmira would be appreciated.

  5. Andrea says:

    Great job on the recall info page. I just wanted to let you know that you have earned a permanent place on my site. I don’t have a links page yet but I’ll be making one shortly for you and others that have worked so hard keeping us up to date. For now at least I have you on my new blogroll.

  6. Krystal says:

    I could actually use some help. I just started looking at the march, and wanted to spread the news. I sent Petconnection an e-mail: haven’t seen about this march on their site. In fact, I blogged it on two of their blogs, and no one even commented on it. How do I get the word out about this? I can’t send a press release, since I’m not (yet) part of the organization that is doing this. I just want this march to get the attention it deserves, and don’t know how to go about it. Please, give me some advice.

  7. N Hamilton says:

    Krystal - don’t get discouraged if your post isn’t replied too, and if you have to, post it again stating that you realize it may be a double post but that you wanted to make sure everyone saw this information about the march.
    As for getting the word out, well that’s tough since technically as you said, your not part of their organization yet. I would suggest that you continue what your doing, and perhaps even hop over to to see if you can join their forum and post something.
    Good luck…meanwhile, I’m reeling from the fact that in the PetSmart in Mt Laurel, NJ they still have the recalled Pounce cat treats on their shelves…and when I asked the cashier if PetSmart keeps up to date on the latest releases, he said yes. My response was so why do you have the recalled Pounce on your shelves, and he had no comment.
    It’s SO aggravating!!!
    I’m contacting the manager next, and emailing him/her the lastest recall info.

  8. Rocky says:

    What’s really in the wheat gluten?

    Here’s an interesting theory that purports to explain the findings of both aminopterin and melamine in the wheat gluten. It may also explain why the substances weren’t revealed to ChemNutra if they are considered to be “legal” in GM products.

    I’m no expert, but the theory is very interesting. Any comments?

  9. Renee says:

    Rocky- Thank you so much for posting that link. That site has some fascinating articles and features and also links to another extremely informative
    (For more details on cat nutrition and where and what to buy see her web site)
    I also considered myself to be fairly knowledgeable when it comes to cat nutrition but I’m learning from the two sites that there is a LOT I didn’t know. Thanks again for passing that information along. I hope I can pass all the new information to many of my friends, who unfortunately are still very ‘ignorant’ and ‘in the dark’ about not only the pet recall crisis but to animal nutrition in general. Some of them still continue to feed their cats only dry food (cheap junk food brands), despite how many times I have informed them of how dangerous that can be for a number of reasons. But they like many people I know would rather opt for the “convenience” rather than what’s best for their cats.

  10. Joan Steik says:


    For answering the question below a gift will be sent, but you must send the last 6 months, labels and receipts from all your pets food. Upon verification of this, your gift will be sent.

    What do you CEO’s, Board Members, Feed Your Dogs and Cats?

  11. 5CatMom says:

    To Joan,

    I’m surprised that Menu doesn’t require that you also send in 6 months worth of stool and urine samples.

  12. JM Leong says:

    Menu Foods, huh? Well, hello Menu Foods, nice of you to drop by.

    Lookie here, I have a bit of a sitch and your help would be greatly appreciated.

    I haven’t wanted to overreact or anything, and I’ve felt relieved that we actually took our dog OFF of Iams cans and pouches in October. No offense, guys, we just wanted something with a little less by-product and filler because our little guy caught himself a cold or something in October and I thought I’d help him get better by giving him less crap-in-a-pouch.

    Bygones. You understand, right? Funniest thing — we tried to switch BACK to the Iams but our boy outright refused to eat it!

    OK, so, but what I need from you is a little heads-up if you think you might expand your recall earlier than November. I understand that kidney damage doesn’t show symptoms until they are already significantly destroyed. As I said above, my dog wasn’t eating your product anymore in November and refused to eat it after, so I’ve “kept it together” on my end and haven’t rushed to the vet with a urine sample to see if my dog’s kidneys are having problems. According to you guys, I don’t need to, right? I want to be reasonable about this.

    But if I really DO need to get my dog checked because you’ll be expanding the recall back even further than November, I’d appreciate a heads-up. I won’t tell anyone else. Promise. And you will pay for the test, right?

  13. HorsesAss.Org» Blog Archive » Dogs and cats continue to die as pet food recall expands says:

    […] Itchmo’s got the latest, including the news that Xuzhou Anying exports 10,000 metric tons of wheat gluten a year. 972 tracked down, only 9,028 left to go. Meanwhile, Pet Connection readers now report 3,242 dogs and cats suspected of dying due to contaminated food. Permalink | Leave a Comment | RSS 2.0 Spew your opinion: […]

  14. Mike says:

    About the march in memory of all the pets, and trying to keep pets safer: You could e-mail CNN who has been covering this, and ask them to please broadcast on TV about the march and the date of the march.
    I will, too.

  15. Jonathan says:

    See you in court Menu Foods!

  16. Jonathan says:

    It is problalby the actual employees trying to see if they are poisoning their cats too with their own companies products.

    I would love to know how many employees have posioned their own animals using Menu Foods made products.

  17. Surfsista says:

    I took my puppy to the vet today for an ear infection and afterwards, the vet technician was offering her a pet treat. I looked at the brand, OL’Roys Beef Jerky Strip…and I said, no that’s on the recall list. She replied back to me, no one has gotten sick so far…so they probably ok!

    I’m shocked — a vet’s office no less. I asked the vet earlier about safe dog foods to feed our dogs and she was equally clueless. She said, well I have no idea but I am certainly not going to cook food for my dog. Then I asked her if she knew of Pet Promise or Artemis dog foods, again, she had no idea they even existed, nor was she interested to know about them.

    Needless to say, I’m looking for a new vet.

  18. Deby Harkness says:

    Pet Food Processed has no nutritional value to our beloved pets as nutrients are destroyed in the heating process. This is also in processed food for humans. It becomes acidic in the body mostly salts and sugars and fillers in the processed foods. Just look at human consumption cheeses how much salt is added check and read the labels taste one cheese to another with the lowest salt content and compare for yourself is one perfect example on the damage it does to humans. But too much salt in the animals diet causes diahrea does the pet food companies know of this, I definately think they don’t know of this concern also they say they add fibre this is another filler they use inwhich too much causes diahrea too. Then theirs hell to break loose on the bowel conditions caused by this matter. I don’t believe that any pet food corporation has the wisdom to put our beloved pets first priority like man does with humans rights. Therefore the answer is for us to stop buying these promised goods of simple feeding our beloved animals is going to do more damage in the long run and who wants to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills for the damaging diets that are entrusted by these pet food manuafactures don’t trust any of them. Simply go back to the basics like feeding a toddler is the answer yes a human toddlers diet is far better for all our pets then processed manufacturers diets. I’m afraid that the experts are not pet food companies and if you don’t get 17 to 20 years life of your pet good healthy longevity of lifespan is 17 to 20 years for cats and dogs this is the wake up call warning for us all now the writing is definately on the wall for our beloved pets if you care about your pets then do what is wright for your pets now. For those of you who don’t adhere to the warnings signs are only asking for trouble as it won’t be the government whom controls this it the overall communities of every society in every country to berry these Pet Food Companies instead of berrying our beloved pets who’s worth more to you is the real question so action speaks more then words. Act Now!

  19. Norm G says:

    I like others are waiting to see whats next on recall,I fed my dog
    Giant Champion food,and stopprd when the recall was finally made public.
    I switched to Kendal ration,[ Skippy ],My dog seems to like it alot. I haven’t taken him to the vets because luckly my baby didn’t show any signs of sickness,atleast not yet! My dog Spanky is about 14 years old now,
    and very set in his ways,so I can tell any change in his every day pampering he gets if theres a change.

  20. Sheltimom3 says:

    Wow isn’t that big of Menu Foods! And what makes them think they can even start to pay for damage done! Maybe everyone should send them stool and urine samples!

  21. Sheltimom3 says:

    After having a baby with Kidney Failure (not because of recall) the Kidney has to be 75% damaged before it even shows up in a blood test. So we are talking if you fur babies don’t show any sign now it doesn’t mean they won’t next month, or even the next month. Till the Kidney is so damaged you will have to start subqing them to keep the Kidneys working!

  22. Rocky says:

    Maybe some of the folks should take a look at their QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCEDURES.

    Thought you’d like to know (sorry about the formatting. See link at bottom):

    Officers & DirectorsMenu Foods Income Fund MEW_u.TO (TSX)
    Sector: Financial Industry: Misc. Financial Services View MEW_u.TO on other exchanges
    As of 12:00 AM EST
    $4.43CAD Price Change
    0.00 Percent Change

    Summary Biographies Basic Compensation Option Compensation
    Name Age Officer Since Current Position Details Rank
    Luba, Robert W. 64 2005 Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Administration Board Trade Activity 1
    Wiens, Mark A. — 2007 Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary of Administrator Trade Activity 2
    Henderson, Paul K. — 2005 Presidnet and CEO of Administrator Trade Activity 3
    Copeland, Randall C. — 2007 Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Administrator Trade Activity 4
    Shields, Richard G. — 2007 Executive Vice President - Technical Services of Administrator Trade Activity 5
    Mifflin, Christopher J. — 2007 Executive Vice President - Operations of Administratior Trade Activity 6
    Grant, William F. — 2007 Executive Vice President - Corporate Purchasing & Logistics of Administrator Trade Activity 7
    Di Giacomo, Thomas A. 65 2002 Trustee Trade Activity 8
    Darkazanli, Serge K. — 2002 Trustee Trade Activity 9
    Aird, Alexander R. — 2005 Trustee Trade Activity 10
    Demirian, Eric A. — 2005 Trustee Trade Activity 11

    Here’s the link:

  23. Misty's Mom says:

    Good Morning Menu Foods,
    I just wanted to know when you were going to allow the info out about those pets with liver & pancreas problems also from your tainted food? How does ones liver enzymes go from 94 to 1420 in under 2 months? Also … could you please let us know soon what was in the food so I can give my vet along with the ultrasound specialist answers as to what my dog “got into” that “attacked” & “assaulted” her liver leading up to her hospitalization on 3/14/07? Oh thats right … I guess I should be directing my questions to Iams as that is all she ate! What was I thinking …

  24. Rocky says:

    Continuing on, and here’s their 2005 compensation. See link in above post for details:

    My goodness, these folks make lots of money!

    Officers & DirectorsMenu Foods Income Fund MEW_u.TO (TSX)
    Sector: Financial Industry: Misc. Financial Services View MEW_u.TO on other exchanges
    As of 12:00 AM EST
    $4.43CAD Price Change
    0.00 Percent Change

    Summary Biographies Basic Compensation Option Compensation
    Name Total Annual
    USD Long-Term
    Plans, USD All Other, USD Fiscal Year
    Total, USD Rank
    As of 12/31/05
    Luba, Robert W. — – — – 1
    Wiens, Mark A. 255,016 — 10,140 265,156 2
    Henderson, Paul K. 460,020 — 10,140 470,160 3
    Copeland, Randall C. 277,464 — 9,150 286,614 4
    Shields, Richard G. 242,327 — 8,661 250,988 5
    Mifflin, Christopher J. — – — – 6
    Grant, William F. 234,672 — 10,140 244,812 7
    Di Giacomo, Thomas A. — – — – 8
    Darkazanli, Serge K. 431,538 44,247 9,880 485,665 9
    Aird, Alexander R. — – — – 10
    Demirian, Eric A. — –

  25. Mariska says:

    Having fed my Nitza some of these products within the past six to eight months, I’m rather concerned. All seems to be fine but how do I know the is not already damage done? And maybe even slowly progressing. Hearing that the kidneys have to have over 75% damage to show up in a blood test makes me nervous. I have picked up samples of different holistic foods and are trying them. Anyone have suggestions or info on specific brands? Any help is appreciated.

  26. Rocky says:


    I’m no expert, but have been working 24/7 to contact the various pet food companies regarding their cat food. My goal is to identify those companies which:

    1. Use only high quality ingredients that are grown in the USA.

    2. Contain no by-products, no fillers, no unnecessary additives or preservatives, etc.

    2. Manufacturer their own food in their own plant.

    3. Have not been involved in a recall or FDA notice.

    4. Have robust qualitiy assurance procedures - ones that ensure that their manufacturing process is in control from “dock to dock”.

    I can’t find a single company that qualifies, but some of my emails and voice messages have not been returned just yet.

    In general the foods (where I live) seem to fall into categories, depending
    upon where they’re sold.

    Grocery Stores - These are the big brands that spend millions on advertising. We’ve learned that many of these are made by Menu foods.

    Big Box Pet Stores - Petco and Petsmart. In addition to the big brands, Petco and Petsmart add a few of the “natural” foods to their inventory.

    Boutique Pet Stores - Don’t carry the big brands. They specialize in foods that are natural/organic/holistic, have human “food grade” ingredients, etc. Their brands include: Natura, Natures Variety, Merrick, and Solid Gold. There may be others in your area. All of these companies have websites, and Natura has one of the best.

    I’ve heard that Merrick manufacturers their own wet and dry food, but I have not confirmed this by talking with them myself.

    Solid Gold - Solid Gold customer service “thought” that Merrick makes both their wet and dry foods. Customer Service reps really need to know these things! See

    Natura/Innova/Evo - They make their own kibble in their own plant in Freemont, Nebraska. Their cans are made in North Dakota by Menu. I’m told that because of the recall, they plan to build their own manufacturing plant. See

    Natures Variety - Canned food is by Menu, kibble is sourced to a plant in Texas. They couldn’t remember the name of the plant. See

    Canadae - Some good comments on the blogs, but their emails are arrogant and unhelpful on the issue of quality control.

    If anyone has information that is contrary to the above, please let us know.

    For now, I’m staying away from the big brands and using Natura and Solid Gold for my kitties.

  27. connie vilardo says:

    pancreas issues as well??? I asked the vet when the dog suddenly got very sick & was diagnosed as diabetic what was going on, since I now had 2 diabetic animals. I’ll be certain to make sure my vet gets this website when I ask again.
    food alternatives? I AM cooking for my animals. Cook a chicken, strip it, add some rice, some vegis if handy, some oatmeal….treats? Im making biscuits with chicken broth & a little liver. VERY pet approved:) Hoping this only needs to be a temporary arangment. I’m also checking DRY food labels for wheat gluten . If it contains, look again. Goodlife Recipe contains NONE, dogs love it, as well as the cats(looks like I need to get them a cat bag of goodlife recipe). Its not extremely expensive for those that have several animals.
    Remember years ago, when dogs & cats ate table scraps only & we werent killing them left & right ?
    I will however continue to check the news & this list daily!!

  28. Blog says:

    Itchmo adds Pet Food Recall Help Page…

    Itchmo has added a Pet Food Recall Help Page to their site seemingly overnight. It includes a comprehensive list of recalled brands, a news summary, links, resources, advice, and more.
    Very nice job.

  29. April White says:

    If your dog has allergies, there are many excellent holistic foods available. I have fed Azmira to my dogs, but was not 100% satisfied until I switched to Solid Gold Foods. They make a type called “Holistique Blendz”, which is especially for dogs with sensitivities. I have a little Hairless Chinese Crested who suffered from chronic colitis for years. She had 3-4 serious episodes a year. She has been on “Holistique Blendz for about4 years now and has not had a single episode since she started eating this food. I groomed many Bichons, a breed prone to allergies and skin problems. I have recommended this food to their owners, and have seen some truly miraculous changes. Dogs which had been on long term prednisone, no longer needing it, coats that had been ripped out in a frenzy of itching, growing full and healthy, and “lick” granulomas on paws that had been licked constantly, cleared up. Every dog is different, so if this food doesn’t work for your dog, don’t give up! Go to a good pet store that sells a variety of holistic foods and keep trying! Azmira is very rich and concentrated and I would not use it for a dog with many allergies. If you feed too much of it, it can cause diarrhea.

    Good luck!

  30. mourning says:

    Reply to Connie Vilardo:
    I have recently(but too late) found out that cats should not be eating wheat or corn and the Goodlife brand is loaded with corn fillers. There have been many postings by people who have had pet deaths in the last 3 months eating food that did not contain wheat gluten but did contain corn gluten. The jury is still out on whether the on going pet food problem is limited to wheat gluten. I am currently changing my surviving cat to Solid Gold. My kitties were eating Meow Mix (loaded with corn) and Friskies canned(no wheat gluten) I lost one 3 weeks ago and the survivor is recovering slowly.

  31. Catsmom says:

    Reply to Connie Vilardo:
    Having two pets become diabetic is quite an opportunity for education! I don’t know about dogs, but dry food diets are definitely seen as a big part of diabetes development in cats (”No feline diabetic should eat any type or brand of dry food.”) In fact with cats they can sometimes become non-diabetic simply by changing to canned food. Also of concern is providing low-moisture dry to an animal who desperately wants more moisture in their diet (i.e. diabetic animals often drinking a lot). Cats will rarely drink enough to make up for the dry dry dry dry food and so they remain dehydrated and likely burn out their kidneys too young (not to mention eventual pancreas problems from all the unneeded starch/carbs in dry food).

    Pet Sit started a food/brand list with great info:

    Best wishes.

  32. Catsmom says:

    Reply to Rocky,

    If you aren’t working with Pet Sit in your kind and helpful endeavor, you might check out their lists, it sounds like what you are doing is what they have doing since the recall started:

  33. Catsmom says:

    Reply to Connie Vilardo:
    Having two pets become diabetic is quite an opportunity for education! I don’t know about dogs, but dry food diets are definitely seen as a big part of diabetes development in cats (”No feline diabetic should eat any type or brand of dry food.”) In fact with cats they can sometimes become non-diabetic simply by changing to canned food. Also of concern is providing low-moisture dry to an animal who desperately wants more moisture in their diet (i.e. diabetic animals often drinking a lot). Cats will rarely drink enough to make up for the dry dry dry dry food and so they remain dehydrated and likely burn out their kidneys too young (not to mention eventual pancreas problems from all the unneeded starch/carbs in dry food).

    The Pet Sit lists in above post have great info about foods/brands.

    Best wishes.

  34. Catsmom says:

    (hope this isn’t dup, got some posting errors)

    Reply to Connie Vilardo:

    Having two pets become diabetic is quite an opportunity for education! I don’t know about dogs, but dry food diets are definitely seen as a big part of diabetes development in cats (”No feline diabetic should eat any type or brand of dry food.”) In fact with cats they can sometimes become non-diabetic simply by changing to canned food. Also of concern is providing low-moisture dry to an animal who desperately wants more moisture in their diet (i.e. diabetic animals often drinking a lot). Cats will rarely drink enough to make up for the dry dry dry dry food and so they remain dehydrated and likely burn out their kidneys too young (not to mention eventual pancreas problems from all the unneeded starch/carbs in dry food).

    Best wishes.

  35. Catsmom says:

    ps. I hope the above message isn’t taken as scolding, I didn’t mean it that way. I have several friends who lost cats (on dry diets) to diabetes and pancreas issues. Each time it was very sad and if they had known more they would have done anything to avoid it.

  36. catherine pierson says:

    REPLY TO APRIL WHITE many thanks for the information on solid gold foods. i will try holistique blendz. i am finding that,while my siberian husky loves azmira, her stools are becoming much too soft even though i am feeding less than the recommended amount. appreciate your input.

  37. Rocky says:

    To Catsmom,

    Yes, I’m aware of their great work. Thanks so much for posting the links.

  38. Nancy Cox says:

    I have a 12 year old dog and 6 year old cat. I can’t seem to get any peace of mind, like so many other moms and dads, what to feed my kids. There food is not on a recall, so they say. Can anyone tell me about Beneful (dry dog food) and Meow Mix (dry cat food). It’s time to buy food again and I’m not sure what to buy.

  39. Mariska says:

    My Nitza (Chi-Doxie Mix) is really liking Timberwolf Holistic. My daughters have switched to Solid Gold-Lamb. We have stores here giving out samples to try to help people and pets choose. A few months back one of my daughters cats died from kidney problems. Now, I wonder. All of our dogs seem to be ok, thank goodness. One dog though does have many, many allergy problems-so they say. This is really mind boggling. Anyone out there have personal experiences with Timberwolf or Solid Gold? Thank you all.

  40. Renee Polgar says:

    Nancy Cox-
    I saw your post regarding Beneful dry dog food and just a few minutes ago I was checking all my bookmarked sites and saw that has mentioned something regarding that brand, so I thought I’d let you know so you can check it out. Here is the info from the site:
    You can read the full article on
    And here is the direct link to the article on Beneful food:

    From “Purina has until Good Friday to recall Beneful and issue an apology to all of the people who have had to deal with the sickness or death of their dogs … Nestle/Purina was made aware of the problem with the food by staff in January. (We are positive they knew of the problem before we initially notified them)”

  41. Renee Polgar says:

    Nancy Cox-
    As far as Meow Mix, it’s leading ingredients are: Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, Beef Tallow Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols (Source of Vitamin E), Turkey By-Product Meal, Salmon Meal, Oceanfish Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast, Phosphoric Acid, Animal Digest, etc.
    There are many more ingredients but unfortunately the first three ingredients say a lot, grains. Here is a quote from a wonderful site regarding dry cat foods-
    “Cereal grains provide an inexpensive and plentiful source of calories, which allows manufacturers to produce foods containing adequate calories at an affordable price. A few dry foods provide less carbohydrates, in some cases substituting starchy vegetables and soy for cereal grains; but they are still heavily processed and just as dehydrating (if not more so) than regular dry food.”

    The woman that runs the site is Dr. Jean Hofve. She has more than a dozen years experience as a holistic feline veterinarian that practiced holistic and conventional medicine in two feline-only clinics in Denver. She has researched pet food and cats’ unique nutritional needs for many years and has been publishes in a number of publications such as Animal Wellness Magazine, DogWorld, Cats, The Whole Cat Journal,The Whole Dog Journal, and the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.
    She gives strong arguments against dry cat food and gives very informative reasons why cats belong on wet canned food diet, etc. Here is the link for her website-
    And here is the link that will take you directly to her article regarding dry cat foods-

    I hope this site can help you out, it has helped me tremendously so I’m trying to share it with as many fellow animal lovers as possible.

    I wish you all the best for you and your fur babies

  42. Renee Polgar says:

    Nancy Cox-Please accept my apologies if either of my posts seem “preachy”, please believe that is the last thing I would to come across as. I just re-read what I wrote and realized it could come across differently that I intended it to. As far as I know Meow Mix is not listed on any of the recalled lists I have been checking, I was only giving you the links about dry cat food in case you wanted more in depth information regarding dry food/cat nutrition. Ok, just wanted to make that super clear, since some of my friends have told me I can come across as a ‘nag’ sometimes. That’s definitely not my intention, I just love animals dearly and want to help fellow animal lovers in any way I can. :)

  43. 5CatMom says:

    To Nancy Cox,

    My vet is advising that folk’s STAY AWAY from grocery store brands and ANY products from companies that have recalled products.

    Many deaths have been reported from Beneful. BE CAREFUL.

    Get a natural or natural/holistic food. Science Diet is not a natural food.

    Do you have a Petco or Petsmart in your area? Ask them for a NATURAL FOOD. BE CAREFUL.

  44. 5CatMom says:

    To Nancy Cox:

    See this link about Beneful deaths:

  45. connie vilardo says:

    this link was excellent, thank you.
    mourning, sorry for your loss. I grieve more for my furry friends than I do MOST people.
    thanks for the info on other foods as well, but Ive logged on late, will read more in the a.m, but :) I didnt take it as scolding, any info is appreciated. My diabetic cat has been a tremendous learning experience & hes been insulin dependent for 1 1/2 yrs now, but Ive learned a lot. The dog however was a suprise issue in Jan, this is april & her sugar fluxes so badly on any given day. Shes got me scratching my head, because there is NOTHING similar between the cat & dog when it comes to symptoms!
    However I do want to add since Ive taken all my critters off store canned food & cook for them(& arent they spolied!!) the cat I took to the vet 1st 1 1/2 months ago because I was worried about him for some reason. well no store food 3 weeks later & this 15 yr old is acting like hes 7. he looks betterm he acts better & I cant help but wonder if just the small amount of canned they were gettign daily was making them feel. not well. more tomorrow ,…Im now late for work :) thanks all!

  46. Associated Press Back To Vague, Misleading Info About Pet Food Recall | Itchmo says:

    […] many times have dozens of reputable sources said it’s not dozens, but thousands of deaths? Oregon alone reported dozens of deaths. Dan Caterinicchia, we are sorely disappointed in your ability to Google. And it’s not just […]

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