Law Change Stops Dog Racing Until December — Greyhounds Need Homes


Melbourne Greyhound Track in Melbourne, Florida is stopping their live greyhound racing until December 26. The track is returning to a winter-only dog schedule because a new law has come into effect. The new law eliminated a phrase that the track had to run a live race if they wanted to open their poker rooms.

The track is home to 500 greyhounds and now the greyhounds will either be relocated or adopted out.

Susan Netboy, president of the Greyhound Protection League, is worried that the demand for homes for these greyhounds will be a burden on local animal shelters. Since there will be about 300-400 greyhounds that will need a home, she wonders who will take care of the dogs before they are adopted out.

Dennis Tyler, president of Greyhound Pets of America, said that the dogs will be well taken care of before they find a new home. His group works with 40 animal rescue sites nationwide. Last year, he found homes for 450 greyhounds.

Netboy said that there are about 20,000 racing greyhounds that need to be adopted annually across the nation.

Source: Florida Today

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3 Responses to “Law Change Stops Dog Racing Until December — Greyhounds Need Homes”

  1. Monika says:

    When will stupid stuff like this cease to exist? Dog racing, horse racing, bull fighting, rodeos, the circus, shanty zoos, etc……. is it that hard to find something to do for kicks? are people that bored? that hobby-less? that much in need to gamble on horses or see a rodeo or visit a petting zoo on the side of the road? The problem is, there’s enough of them out there to support and perpetuate these practices.. Damn shame for the animals..

  2. Angela says:

    DITTO!!! Couldnt have been said better!! Ban all of it!!

  3. Anonymous says:

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