Borrow Or Link To Itchmo’s Cat And Dog Posts

Did you find something amusing or interesting about dogs and cats on our site?

Here’s how you can use our content and link to us:

Linking to a specific post

We provide easy linking below the ratings area on every story. Feel free to post a link to any of our articles. Link to us in your blog, company site, etc. It’s a great way to provide vital info on cats and dogs to your readers.

You can even use some of our content (under fair-use laws)

Yes. You can use any portion our content on your site. What does that mean? You can quote portion of a post (not the entire post) as long as it is attributed and linked to Itchmo. That means if you want to talk about something mentioned on Itchmo, you can cut and paste sections of our post, link to us and add your commentary.

Want to use an entire post?

We allow you to use one of our posts per month per site in its entirety — without any expressed written consent — as long as you use this exact link to provide us with credit at the bottom or the top of the article:

Linking to the homepage or sections

For easy organization, we created separate category pages such as one for cats, dogs, humor, new york, etc. Those links can be found on the right side of the page. You can right-click on the link and copy the link location.

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