List of Foods Not Connected With the Toxic Wheat Gluten

The good folks at PetSitUSA have compiled a list of foods that are NOT connected with the toxic wheat gluten. Neither of us are recommending these foods, but we want to help pet parents feel safe in their choices. The source of data for this list is the pet food makers themselves. The list has been updated to include the recalls from the weekend.

And if you need the flip side, here’s a list of pet food that HAS BEEN RECALLED.

2 Responses to “List of Foods Not Connected With the Toxic Wheat Gluten”

  1. Betty Bailey says:

    Please E Mail me a list of safe dog foods, and/or tainted dog foods. I am very concerned about the health of my pet LhasoApso. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


  2. G. J. Price says:

    Is Pedigree little champions puppy food in foil packs safe to feed to dogs?

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