Live Webcams At Pet Care Businesses

DogsWith the various stories of abuse or negligence at the groomers or boarding facility, many pet owners wish they could check on the safety and wellbeing of their pets at any time.

An increasing number of pet care businesses including groomers, pet day care centers, and veterinarians are installing live webcams to attract customers who want to be able to check on their pets any time of day or night. Many pet owners are also installing them at home to check to see if their pets are behaving.

“People love their pets and some would like to keep an eye on them even when they’re not there,” said Kelli Gapski, founder of “Their pets are like their kids.”

Gapski said businesses and homeowners want to control who sees what cameras and when so her system allows for that.

She says her customers have the ability to assign user names and passwords to restrict access and set the cameras to turn on and off at certain times of day. “It’s simple to set up and even simpler to log on to monitor your pet,” said Gapski. “It’s also surprisingly affordable.”

Photo: Dogs-a-jammin

One Response to “Live Webcams At Pet Care Businesses”

  1. black_foxy says:

    It’s really fantastic idea, actuaaly I’d set a dozen of webcams all around my house last month - and very happy to see my kitty any time I like! I used cheap wencams like

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