Looking For the Recall (Recalled) Food List?

Go to our up-to-date recall help page. for the latest recall list, including dry food, wet food, treats and what steps you can take to make your pet safe.

From Canada? Many people have been horrified by the lack of pet food safety laws up north. Check out this Canadian campaign calling for regulation of pet food. Canadian MP Olivia Chow is calling for action as well. Watch her video (YouTube). Read her petition (PDF).

Kudos Howl911.

14 Responses to “Looking For the Recall (Recalled) Food List?”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Your link is broken..FYI

  2. Jonathan says:

    Working now,

  3. Jonathan says:

    Can you also post a printer friendly version? I want something I can print out to take to the grocery store to give to the managers. They have been letting me hang it up in the pet food isle for the non internet users.

    I hate wasting paper like that but if it saves a life then its all worth it.

    ITCHMO REPLY: Go here: http://localhostr.com/files/17.....301d32.pdf

    We’re working on a better version for helping shoppers and stores by Monday.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Thanks again Itchmo, you guys rock!

  5. Debbie says:

    Just a little FYI from my own experiences and observations: not all pet food store managers and their employees are well informed on this issue, and it seems neither do they care to be informed. They will tell the customers anything just to get by, and the customers believe them, thinking they are very knowledgeable.
    NOT ALL VETS ARE TO BE TRUSTED EITHER! They still might try to push Hill’s Science Diet, IAMS/Eukanuba, or whoever their getting a kickback from $$$$. And they never had any concern whatsoever that those brands (and more) are tested with vile, tortuous experiments on lab cats & dogs! See iamscruelty.com

    I say to the consumers: use your own wise discretion and common sense…And this site is absolutely great!!! Thanks, Itchmo!

  6. Steve says:

    Don’t forget Menu Foods plants are up and running full steam and it’s business as usual once again.

    Next time you go to the store for food, perhaps you should ask a sales person, “Was this produced by Menu Foods?”

    We have ZERO accountability from Menu since those plant shutdowns. Nothing made public. No official reports on the cause of this, what was found, who did the inspections, what steps were taken to insure the safety of food coming from those plants, the condition of their facilities, what brands are still using Menu (all I will assume) so we are no better off then we were on March 15. The day before this fiasco began.

  7. Debbie says:

    That absolutely sickens me that Menu Foods are running business as usual! How dare them!! But why am I not surprised???? Obviously to their minds, ANIMALS are still nothing more than a PROFIT to them at any cost!…and a naive public will still fall for their crap!!!! AND of course I strongly smell the exchange of good ‘ol boy money in this!

    In my area, I’m sure that if I asked a sales person if any of the foods was produced my Menu Foods, they wouldn’t have a clue as to what I was asking about. They would say something like: ‘Oh, no, this is made by IAMS, Purina, etc.’ Duhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    I say Menu Foods and the rest of the deceptive culprits need to be brought DOWN permanently!!!! They have been using ingredients that have been causing ill health in animals for years!!!!!
    They have been laughing all the way to the bank at the public’s expense and animal’s lives much longer than this recent recall.
    And I don’t believe for a moment that their future intentions will be honorable.
    Proof to me of that is the very same current FACTS
    that Steve presented in his last paragraph: “We have ZERO accountability from Menu since those plant shutdowns. (etc.,etc., etc.)

    Thanks to this recall, PETA and this site, I have taken my cats off of Nutro, which I realized was the cause for their random vomiting for no other apparent reason. For now, they are eating (dry) “ChickenSoupForThePetLoversSoul,” and doing fine. And my dog is eating (dry) “Natural Balance” that I mix with grated apples and carrots. He loves it!

    animal rights/justice activist (not to be confused with “animal welfare” activists)

    ps: just a note—some pet foods have on the bag, tested by “AAFC.” (Assoc. of American Feed Officials) From my research, the AAFC is not the best with their “quality” tests either. They give a very vague impression of their standards.

  8. Debbie says:

    slight correction: AAFC stands for Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials.

  9. 5CatMom says:

    Debbie, you’re exactly right.

    The pet food industry created a wonderland of products, and then convinced us they were healthful for our pets.

    Unfortunately, their advertising was successful, and we were deceived by their false claims. Without knowing it, we were poisoning our pets. Now, while they count profits, we count bodies.

    I hope that those companies who saved a few bucks per ton on their ingredients will be held accountable. But I doubt it. The pet food industry owns all the right people in Washington.

    I used to be a 6 Cat Mom. But my beautiful girl, who used to sleep with her arms around my neck, is dead now. All because of their dishonesty.

    I will NEVER buy their products again.

  10. Debbie says:

    First of all, I have to say that I am very, very sorry for the grieving pain you are go through at the loss of your “beautiful girl.” I empathize with you since my “little girl,” Tiki, passed away almost two years ago (from renal failure, btw), and I have never been the same since. I used to indulge her with her favorite food: canned Fancy Feast Beef w/gravy. Thought I was giving her the best, as was (deceptively) advertised.

    In ‘98, my very beloved boy, “Cody” (German Shephard), passed away from renal failure after suffering the previous four years with a kidney condition that was being medically treated. Never realized at the time that I, through Alpo’s deceptive marketing, was actually causing his illness…never thought Alpo’s “quality” Beef Chunks w/gravy and Alpo dry was filled with poisons.

    Since I was never the same after Cody’s passing in ‘98, I immediately decided I needed to do something construcive in his memory (and Tiki, too). I became a volunteer animal rights/animal justice activist with PETA and PCRM.

    Animal rights was and is the best, (& free), and most well-rounded, enlightenting education I have ever had. It opened many doors, for example, as to the way execs, companies, and politicians operate. I learned that massively boycotting an animal abusive company is great, BUT massively going after their stockholders with letters and emails to bring a company down has a tried and true major result.

    Anyway, yes, the pet industry owns all the right people in Wash., BUT WE are the majority of consumers who OWN OUR MONEY, and who not only can massively boycott the notorious pet food companys, we can also boycott their stockholder companys.
    We can also boycott ALL of Procter & Gambles products (which I have been doing for years), especially since P&G does tortuous animal experiments on MOST of their product lines, besides Iams.

    5CatMom & to EVERYONE, WE, the consumers, are the ones who made it possible for the pet food industry to become billion dollar (poisoning) industries. WE are the same ones who can bring them down to their knees!!!!!…despite who they know in Wash.!

    Take care, and I’m sure that we will see our furbabies over Rainbow Bridge someday.

  11. Janice says:

    Could someone check to see if pet food companies are allowed to substitute ingredients as was suggested by someone on pet connection? Supposedly, the pet food manufacturers could substitute wheat gluten for corn gluten since wheat is now lower in price, yet not have to change the ingredients label for up to 6 months to reflect that change? Is this allowed and could this be why so many pets are getting sick and dying even when the label does not include wheat gluten in the ingredients? Would the FDA know the answer? Would the pet food companies even admit to this if indeed it is happening?

  12. littlecat says:

    Janice said: Supposedly, the pet food manufacturers could substitute wheat gluten for corn gluten since wheat is now lower in price, yet not have to change the ingredients label for up to 6 months to reflect that change? Is this allowed and could this be why so many pets are getting sick and dying even when the label does not include wheat gluten in the ingredients?

    BINGO! This would be about labeling requirements and I bet you are onto something here. Would they admit it-are you kidding? How the heck could this be proved ? There must be some record keeping they are responsible for [?] but only if it is challenged — And probably the FDA is the agency that would have to investigate it ? Should have already, of course. So they probably already know this if they really HAVE tracked all the d—gluten. If it IS gluten. if not, this is still a wild goose chase.

  13. 5CatMom says:

    To Debbie,

    Thanks for your kind words, and good for you for getting out there.

    I’m working with a local group to get the word out to area vets. There must be about a hundred or so. We put together an info package and brochures from the natural/holistic companies. Sometimes we take samples of the natural foods and show them the difference.

    One clinic had a poor old cat who was senile and not eating well. We opened up a can of natural food, and he gobbled it up.

    We aren’t trying to sell them anything, just want them to add some of the naturals and educate their clients.

    We also did a google search for vets in our state, put together a mailing list and mailed the info to those who are far away.

    We may get some bumper stickers made that read:


    Since you’re an activist, you can appreciate the importance of a good slogan!

    Take care.

  14. Debbie says:


    It’s comments and involvement like yours - and comments and involvement from the other fine people on this board - that restores my faith in humanity. It’s wonderful to know that there are still some compassionate people in this world, who not only say they love animals, but actually prove it with their actions. (some just say they love and care about animals, but do nothing)
    I wish you and your group the very best of success! And I hope that other people read about your endeavor on this board so that they will do the same.

    Unfortunately, I live in an area where people just say they love animals and are very apathetic when an opportunity presents itself to take action, especially in a group. They would rather hear themselves gripe - gives them something to do. So I am a one-person “group.”

    Yes, indeed, that slogan is excellent!

    Keep us posted on your activities!

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