Los Angeles Shelters Limit Hours To Drop Off Unwanted Pets

LA Animal Shelter

To decrease the number of animals euthanized at shelters around the city, Los Angeles Animal Services is implementing a new policy that will limit the hours that people can drop off unwanted pets.

Their plan is: “If they don’t have them, they can’t kill them.” Starting this week, owners will only be able to drop off on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-5 p.m. or Thursdays from 2-7 p.m. Before, owners were able to drop off pets on weekends. Owners will still be able to bring in sick or injured pets at any time.

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The manager of Los Angeles Animal Services says that “over the last year, about 18,000 animals at city shelters were euthanized. Healthy animals stay an average of 45 days before they’re destroyed.” Shelters are encouraging pet owners to exhaust all other options before bringing a pet into a shelter and that owners should try and work on a behavior problem or find a new home for their pet on their own.

“We’re taking in about a thousand kittens a month right now, in addition to the hundreds of dogs or cats,” said Ed Boks, general manager of Los Angeles Animal Services.

Citywide, shelters on average receive a total of about 150 animals a day. But during kitten season from March to September, that number can double on some days.

[Source: Dailynews.com]

7 Responses to “Los Angeles Shelters Limit Hours To Drop Off Unwanted Pets”

  1. trucorgi says:

    “We’re taking in about a thousand kittens a month right now, in addition to the hundreds of dogs or cats,” said Ed Boks, general manager of Los Angeles Animal Services.

    Looks like Ed Boks manditory pay neuter law in LA is NOT working.
    He is behind AB1634. What does that tell you???

  2. kaefamily says:

    To shut up the critics they limited the drop-off hours. Won’t we now be finding more strayed pets on the streets? An absolute irrational policy IMHO!

  3. Michelle Layk says:

    On the surface this policy looks insane, but there does seem to be a method to the madness. Ed Boks has posted the reasoning being this decision. Please at least read before starting a crusade.

    Ed Boks blog - Assuming the worst is assuming too much



  4. trucorgi says:

    Geesh, the amazing ego of this man.
    Boks has had mandatory spay/neuter in LA for a year now. I think it’s a fair question to ask why it is NOT working and why this kind of crisis was not taken into consideration at it’s inception. This is particularly scary since he is one of the authors of AB1634. When you put yourself out there as the model for changing laws, you should expect critics.

  5. Michelle Layk says:

    The Los Angeles City Animal Services, which Boks heads, has *NOT* had a mandatory spay/neuter program in effect for the City of Los Angeles. A Los Angeles County measure passed in 2006 which required mandatory spay/neuter in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The County measure has no force over incorporated Los Angeles City.

    Criticism is cool, criticism is necessary in a participatory democracy, criticism is the beginning of action (hopefully). But not getting facts straight when leveling criticism accomplishes nothing useful.


  6. Jackie says:

    There is currently NO MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER IN THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES. The spay/neuter ordinance currently in place applies only to Los Angeles COUNTY areas. However, there is a sadistic brilliance in Boks’ new plan: under this mandate of severely limiting the intake hours for surrended companion animals, most of those animals will be dumped into the street or worse. There, the Humane Community will rescue them, as they always do or they’ll go to Dead Animal Pick-up. Either way, Boks personally wins because his intake numbers will go down and, in ratio, his kill numbers for his pseudo-No-Kill concept. The losers, as usual, are the animals.

  7. Labadorer says:

    There is no mandatory setrilization law in CA but if Big Brother has his way there will be and the people paying for it will be the law abiding breeders and pet owners. There is however, a license law for all dogs - on the license application (depending on area) the cost for a sterilized pet’s license is considerably reduced ($21 vs $75 in Orange County) now I am no brain but it says to me that if they must “write” more laws to enforce why not spend money on making sure all dogs and cats have a license - then you would know if and where a pet is …. of course they would have to add cats but get a grip people - they can’t enforce a simple license law and now they are going to check to see if your pet is intact? Those that choose to ignore the laws already on the books, will continue to do so and the responsible breeders and pet owners will shoulder the cost of this useless bit of legislation.
    In CA there is a herd mentalitiy - when Paris (the skank from the tank) Hilton got a pocket pet (a chihuahua) then every ditz had to have one - ask the Chihuahua rescue about the increase in numbers, 101 Dalamations caused an influx of Dals,
    and now they (irresponsible breeders) are churning out the designer mutts at extortionist prices…puggles, labradoodles, and others……. shame on the public for buying into this! UNEDUCATED!
    Where is a good mutt to go after all this? To the gas chamber for sure. I understand the problem and I am sickened by it but why punish those that
    pay their fair share and abide by the law?
    Do you really think this will help - not in our life time - the puppy mill trade will continue until someone clamps down on them - how can some of them be licensed kennels and on the USDA list and bbe known puppy mills? How can Mexico still be a source of the underground puppy trade (oh, that is right we can’t control the border for anything!!)
    Now that the “drop off” hours will be limited the number of carcasses should start mounting along highways and easy off and on highway exits.
    Bravo LA you just proved yourselves inept…………. yet again.
    I once stopped in Upstate NY to rescue a drop off from Rt81 - I put myself in jeopardy and managed to get one dog off the grassy median and get my hands on one……… just because some irresponsible uneducated
    schmuck dumped their pets. The gal from the SPCA said it was a prime dump and run exit………… if the shelter had been willing to accept the dogs when the owner wanted to get rid of them do you think we all would have been out there with the speeding big rigs and cars trying to save them????? One trucker even stopped to help me as I stood clutching the captured dog to my chest and waiting for a lull in the traffic to get back to my car!
    Maybe it is time for Michael Moore to make a movie on dog fighting and puppy mills to get the attention on it all………..
    We are all going down the toilet together and our pets are coming with us………

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