Lost Dog Wanders Into a Newspaper Office To Get Some Help

SimbaSimba, a bull mastiff, is one smart dog. He was lost and wandered into the East London Advertiser’s office to get out of the rain and to get some help to find his owner. The newspaper put up a lost dog report on their website, and an animal warden came to scan Simba’s microchip and was able to find who was Simba’s owner. They have not been able to get a hold of Simba’s owner, but there are definitely some people at the East London Advertiser that would love to adopt Simba. Good job of using your street smarts, Simba!

One Response to “Lost Dog Wanders Into a Newspaper Office To Get Some Help”

  1. Sue says:

    10 years ago today, Zoe walked right in and sat right down. She’s been home ever since. Her former owner said Zoe always had a strong sense of what she wanted, even when she (Zoe) was a starving pregnant teenager (all anyone knows about Zoe’s early life).

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