Lost Puppy Walks 30 Miles In Desert To Find Family

KrustyKrusty is one determined pug.

A Nevada family lost 9-month-old Krusty when he got out of his crate on a pit stop coming back from vacation on July 8. The family had thought they had packed him up in Bend and didn’t realize that he was missing 30 miles later until they stopped at a store in Millican.

They turned around and retraced their route. They searched all over for Krusty and even stayed the night in Bend. They put posters up about their missing pug. The family left to go back home and thought that they would never find their Krusty again.

More than three weeks later, Krusty was discovered under an abandoned trailer east of Millican. This was 30 miles east of where Krusty was last seen.

Horizon Pet Services rescued the pug puppy from under the trailer and gave him food and water. A spokeswoman for Horizon said that Krusty was weak but overall doing well when she first saw him. She said that it is amazing that he is alive because there are coyotes in the desert that could have preyed upon Krusty.

No one is quite sure how this tenacious pug made it out into the desert. But his family is convinced Krusty must have tried to follow them east, into the desert. They believe he walked 30 miles to try and find his family.

They say that Krusty has lost a good amount of weight but is doing well considering his desert adventure. His family is just extremely happy and excited that he is back home.

Source: KTVZ.com

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