Louisiana Becomes Last State To Outlaw Cockfighting

Louisiana is the only state where cockfighting is still legal.

On Thursday, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco signed a ban on cockfighting. Effective August 2008, this law will make it a crime to organize or enter birds in a cockfight. It also closes a loophole in Louisiana’s animal cruelty laws.

Gambling on cockfights was also banned in Louisiana this summer.

Louisiana lawmakers were under pressure to ban cockfighting when New Mexico’s ban went into effect in June. This left Louisiana as the only state that still allowed cockfighting.

From Forbes.com:

Louisiana breeders of the fighting roosters and owners of the cockfighting arenas, known as “pits,” had argued that an immediate ban would be unfair, leaving them with equipment and hundreds of useless birds.

Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the United States, acknowledged in a statement that he wanted the fights banned immediately but said the new law at least set “a short timeline for the demise of this barbaric activity in the state.”

5 Responses to “Louisiana Becomes Last State To Outlaw Cockfighting”

  1. Lynne says:

    Now if we can just get amazon.com to stop selling cockfighting and dogfighting magazines and videos….

  2. Lynne says:


  3. catmom5 says:

    Why on earth give these idiots another year to fight birds? Why not start right now? Now if we can get all states to enforce their laws and to stop dog fighting and puppy mills . . .

  4. Katie says:

    Why wait till 2008? why can’t they just make it illegal the minute the bill was signed?


  5. louisa says:

    It’s Louisiana, the guys who own the birds haven’t quite grasped the technique of wringing the chickens’ necks and ending it all?
    Must be a significant part of the local economy and the owners of the chickens have to learn a new trade?
    SOMEONE cut a deal…

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