Magazine Says Melamine May Not Be Culprit

Animal Wellness Magazine says “many experts don’t feel that melamine is responsible for the acute renal failure animals experienced after eating the recalled foods.” The full article is here.

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“Neither melamine nor aminopterin are likely to be the real cause of the illness – the symptoms of toxicity don’t match either one,” says Dr. Hofve. “Toxicology data on melamine suggests that it can cause kidney stones and other chronic effects, but acute renal failure does not really accord with that. Some are calling melamine a ‘marker’ for something else that hasn’t yet been determined.” Theories abound as to how melamine got into the wheat gluten. Federal Drug Administration veterinarian Stephen Sundlof told CNN that it could have been added as a “cheap filler”. But according to Michael W. Fox, B. Vet. Med, Ph.D., D.Sc., M.R.C.V.S, melamine is “not cheap” and costs about 50% more than wheat gluten. “I believe the China contaminant is the tip of the iceberg, and could become the scapegoat,” says Dr. Fox. In fact, he speculates that the Chinese wheat was genetically engineered or modified (GMO), and this is the source of the problem.

“It most probably was,” he states, “since it was not imported for human consumption, and was possibly an experimental crop with anti-fungus blight and viral disease genetic insertions that could have gone haywire as a result of ‘overexpression’. Melamine, the parent chemical for a potent insecticide cyromazine, could possibly have been manufactured within the wheat plants themselves as a genetically engineered pesticide.” Alternatively, the culprit could be glyphosate, says Dr. Fox, an herbicide that is absorbed by crops that are genetically engineered so that they escape harm while the weeds in the field around them die.

To date, the FDA has not stated whether or not the wheat is GMO. Mark Ullman, legal counsel for ChemNutra, the company that imported the wheat gluten told Animal Wellness that the wheat gluten “was not supposed to be [genetically modified] but that ChemNutra did not specify non-GMO on its order” so in fact it may well have received a genetically engineered product. Thus far, GMO wheat has been frowned upon for human consumption in North America, but the FDA does not regulate its presence in pet food or animal feed. Furthermore, as with human products, genetically engineered foods do not have to declare their “altered” status on North American labels.

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  1. Sandy says:

    miss Jami

    COOL stands for Country Of Origin Labeling.

    Yes, some just don’t know, and some don’t want to know. I guess the ones who do know and care will be the ones to take care of the rest when they are sick and dying from the food they eat.

    Everyday, I pledge to my pets and family that I will do everything in my power to protect them and never again feed them low quality imported foods and vitamins. Where there is a question of the source of a food, I will err on the side of caution. I will grow, can, freeze and cook all the food I am able to and for the rest, I will research, research, research until I find a way to get those USA products. I will tell all who will listen about what I have learned. And then when I lay my head down at night, I will know I have not padded the pockets of those who care so little for us they would put this horrible stuff in our food.

  2. Sandy says:

    Here is one site for COOL


  3. JJ says:

    Today took a pkg of rice that had Made In Thailand on it back to Trader Joe’s. The clerk who did the return made a comment that it was great rice and no one ever returned rice to the store. He asked me why and I told him cause of where it was made and since the pet food recalls and rice now having human genes in it was afraid to eat it anymore. Also checked my vitamins and supplements and threw a lot of them out cause of ingredients coming from China. I have been reading every label in the stores before buying anything for so long looking for soy since I avoid it that I found out even if you bought something 3 weeks ago you have to still check the label again when you re-purchase that item. The ingredients have changed on products and I have had to put them back. Am all for a a site on this forum that we could all visit that would state where products are made and where the ingredients are from also.

  4. Sandy says:

    Oops, here is the home page

  5. Sandy says:


    Yeah, I think that would be a great idea. Anyone able to start that place on the forum? Lets start researching USA made products with USA ingredients and get a list going.

  6. miss jami says:

    Sandy, I followed the link and attempted to ‘register’ my support…this is what came backFrom :
    Sent : Sunday, May 20, 2007 9:42 PM
    To :
    Subject : Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

    | | | Inbox

    Hotmail has permanently blocked the following potentially unsafe attachment(s): ATT89.tmp (
    Sent : Sunday, May 20, 2007 9:42 PM
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    Subject : Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

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  7. miss jami says:

    Has anyone else been rebuked? I must call it a night but I’ll check back tomorrow, Thanks so much.

  8. Sandy says:

    miss jami

    Wonder what that is about. No matter. Here you go. This is where I meant to go. Click on Country Of Origin Labeling.

  9. Genny says:

    Rebuked me, too.

  10. miss jami says:

    Thanks Sandy, I’ll do it tomorrow. Genny, what’s all this about ‘works for others but not for me?’ tee hee….NN all.

  11. miss jami says:

    We’re just ’special’ :)

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Genny says:


    Thanks. Last link worked and I signed.


    Both our names are on that same master list. Ha.

  14. MLO says:

    As I stated earlier, there is no company as evil as the combined power of ADM / Monsanto. Two companies with the same stated goal: TO completely control the food supply.

    You grow your own garden? They have already gone after farmers whose crops have been cross-contaminated through wind-blown pollination. This means that GM crops are already polluting the existing “natural crops.” The genie is out of the bottle.

    GM Corn is not just starlink. I’m unlucky enough to be allergic to corn so I am very aware of its prevalence in our economy. Since corn has been genetically modified, we have seen a real spike in the reports of corn allergy. Since GM came about, we have seen alarming increases in food allergy.

    Third World countries have been fighting a losing battle with ADM and Monsanto for the past 30 years - by ADM and Monsanto patenting existing variants of various crops.

    Let’s see, the best is the killer gene which already exists and causes a given crop to be unable to reproduce itself without buying new seed. In other words, the fruits and vegetables are sterile.

    Much of the research on GM crops has been suppressed. Monsanto lost a case in the EU trying to suppress a study that showed that rats born of mothers who were fed GM Corn died at much younger ages than their predecessors or contemporaries. They also had much worse health problems.

    Those of us in the food allergy community have known this for quite some time, but no one was listening.



  15. MLO says:

    Country of Origin Labels are a false security as you don’t know where the seed came from, and, depending on how the crop is pollinated, it may not be safe anyway.



  16. Lisa Clay says:

    There are many holistic vets that have books and videos on how to make your own pet food. They include recipes and the correct supplements to add. Apparently they are in the minority, because most people believe we are not smart enough to actually do this. Holistic vets offer lots of good ideas regarding food, vaccines, etc.

    The reason we don’t hear about that is because it would hurt the money made by the pet food industry. We all noticed after the pet food recall broke that there were lots of articles on why it is dangerous to make your own pet food. Just to scare smart people into believing they can’t do it themselves.

    I admit, I am not a chef, but I can certainly follow basic instructions on a recipe. I am still feeding cat food I have purchased, but if any of those brands has any problem at all, I will get the recipes out, buy the supplements and do it myself.

    What we could use is the Food Network including a chef making pet food.

  17. SMITH111 says:

    Please take time to listen to this video REGARDING THE SAFETY OF OUR FUTURE FOOD and sign the Petition, if you agree.

  18. TC says:

    COOL may indeed not tell me where the seed is from. However, it will tell me the country that the product is originating in, which I need to know, since their practices just aren’t up to snuff for me. On my “do not buy” list.

    I am in agreement with Sandy. I have said it all over the net, and will again - I am opting out. I am slaughtering my grass fed beef, growing much of my produce and fruit and herbs, I will buy locally otherwise, but not from my “local” folk who cheat like the chinese, and never forget - this is NOT just a problem that exists in China (it merely flipping out of control with what they are okaying to send here, and telling us to hush and eat up. Esp. given their ban on our beef over a single cow). I will be picking and freezing & canning things in season. I have 2 chest freezers full already, and have an upright on the way.

    Some tainted things, and definitely some gmo items will end up in my household. Life is about risk management, not risk elimination, at least that is my belief. Can’t prevent all bad things - can however, minimize risk. My dogs got sick with commercial kibble, and went on home cooked in March. Personally, I will never go back. It was cause and effect - the symptoms ENDED when I stopped the kibble. Many of my symptoms which the docs were having trouble diagnosing have either ended or lessened somewhat since I changed my diet. I fear I am just stuck with some damage, but since I switched us humans, already a vast improvement. And I have miles to go, but my goal is to be as self sufficient in these matters as I can take it.

    These are real results - my dogs and us are doing so much better since the changes in March. I am not about to argue with success. I would like to do some “safe” grocery store shopping, but it looks like it will be quite limited until things are a bit safer there. I read an article yesterday about USA raised and slaughtered chickens going to china for processing and then sent back here - for cripes sake, I have NO interest in eating that. I WILL raise and kill my own chickens first.

  19. miss jami says:

    Smith111, good to see ya and thanks for the link.

  20. The Safe Pet Food Blog says:

    One of my favorite online holistic vets, DogtorJ, said from day one that the culprit was likely to be GMO (genetically modified or engineered) grains. He also said that wheat gluten all by itself could overload the animal and cause renal failure.

    To be honest, I thought he had finally gone too far out on a limb. Now, gosh, he’s making a lot of sense. DogtorJ, you rock!

    As for my pets (I have many), we have been no wheat, no corn, no soy, no by-products, no chems, for years because I’ve lost a total of three kitties to food problems. 10 years ago, it didn’t get this kind of attention. I guess that’s the only reason I’m grateful for this crisis, people are finally at a stage where they will pay attention and do something about it.

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