Male Dog Contraceptive Implant May Soon Be Available In The US

Have you had the birds and the bees talk with your dog? Now you can tell your dog to be a responsible adult and take his contraceptive. Yes, there may soon be a contraceptive implant for male dogs in the US. They all can rest a little easier that their “manhood” may not have to be removed. (If their manhood has already been removed, they can always try Neuticles.)

The contraceptive implant was developed by an Australian company. It halts testosterone and sperm production for months at a time. The implant contains a drug called deslorelin or Suprelorin, which binds to GnRH receptors and overstimulates them so they become desensitized to the hormone. The dog becomes temporarily infertile. Also deslorelin blocks testosterone production which curtails aggressive behavior.

The six-month implant was launched in Australia in late 2004. The cost of the implant ranges from $52 to $77 a dose. The company will also be launching a similar implant for cats and female dogs. The male dog implant is expected to be approved in Europe within weeks. Also steps are being taken for this drug to be sold in the US.


David McDowell, veterinary consultant for the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, says while oral contraceptives have been used in female cats for years, long-term use may stimulate breast tumours or uterus infections. Although the new implants work through a different mechanism, he fears similar side effects may be associated with long-term use in dogs. “Provided owners use them within the manufacturers’ guidelines, we would welcome the new drug,” he says. “However, if dog owners don’t want to use their pet for breeding, we believe neutering is the best option.”

2 Responses to “Male Dog Contraceptive Implant May Soon Be Available In The US”

  1. Lynne says:

    It amuses me to see humans transfer their fears and insecurities to dogs, specifically the whole “manhood” thing. Remove the testicles and the dog is sterile. No doubt, no drug interactions or unforeseen consequences down the road. In the long run, it is also cheaper.

  2. AM says:

    Sigh.. I thought neuticals was a joke(i know they are real but i think anyone who gets them for the DOG has issues with thier OWN sexuality). Now they got BC for DOGS? Come ON… Increasing your dog’s tumor chances and health risks so the owner can spare the nuts? Stupid.

    Now I understand why some states are concidering forced sterilization. :(

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