Man Accused Of Dragging Dog Found Not Guilty

A Cleveland Ohio jury found Eric A. Jackson not guilty of cruelty to animals for dragging a dog while driving.

Prosecutors said the jury decided that Jackson made a poor decision when he dragged the Akita by closing the leash in his car door, but he did not intend to hurt the dog.

Jackson testified that he wanted to get the Akita away from his German shepherd, family and other local children because everyone in the neighborhood was afraid of the dog. He said he was fearful to put the dog in the car with him, which is why he tied the dog to a leash outside of the car.

He stated that he tried to be careful and drive slowly, so the dog could keep up. Initially, Jackson said he thought he was helping the neighborhood, but now he realizes what he did was a mistake.

Authorities said that a witness called police saying Jackson was dragging the dog from his car. He shut the door on the dog’s leash and started driving. The person shouted to Jackson, and he opened his door. The dog hobbled away.

When officers arrived, Jackson was still in his car. His first question to them was “is the dog dead?” He was arrested for animal cruelty.

He told the police that he dragged the dog after it attacked his own dog. He said he had called authorities during the attack, but no one responded to his call. The radio dispatcher records showed no such call was made to police.

The dog was taken to an animal hospital after the dragging incident. The 18-month-old Akita, named Buddy, has fully recovered from the incident and will be given to a family.


13 Responses to “Man Accused Of Dragging Dog Found Not Guilty”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    I would ask “What on earth is wrong with people?!” but there’d be no answer, would there? We just seem to be infected with an over-abundance of morons these days, people unable to think things through, or to take prodictive action on a matter. Whatever idiocy first pops into their heads, evidently…

  2. Debra says:

    what in the hell in wrong with the Jury?! Intent has nothing to do with it. Did he drag the dog? YES. Then he is guilty of animal cruelty. GAH!

  3. Trudy Jackson says:

    Yesterday, A man almost beat to death [a 2 year old orange tabby called [Little Man] just because He was angry at His girlfriend. the cat was in terrible shape when I saw it on the news last night. He thrrew Him against the wall and actually beat on him. I am so discusted with these kind of people.

  4. Trudy Jackson says:

    I should have said this was in Virginia. Home of PETA and Vick.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    I’m sorry I don’t believe him at all. How did he get the leash on? How did he get the leash closed in the door? Sounds more to me someone knew the judge. People even seen this. The poor baby dog is going to another family doesn’t sound like a bad baby to me.

  6. Jenny Bark says:

    Trudy Jackson, we just had a young German Shep Mix shot in the head & foot cut off. I saw the dog on tv, it was beautiful & they said it was real freindly. The women & kids who had the dog had to move & their new apartment wouldn’t take pets. They took the dog to a no kill shelter but then found someone who wanted it. They got the dog back and gave it to their friend. The shelter has put up a reward. People on tv said they think they know the man who did it because he was bragging about shotting & cutting a dog in the neighborhood. So far I haven’t heard about any body being taken in. The dog died but I bet the bas!!!! get away with it.

  7. Lynn says:

    This is so pathetic. These wimpy, wussy judges have got to learn that whether or not the deed was premeditated, there was loss and someone needs to pay the price.

    If I am in my car and accidentally hit and kill a pedestrian who jumped out into the street in front of my car while he was blabbing on his cell phone, do you think for one second I won’t be crucified?

  8. Underdog says:



    Now ask me how I REALLY feel!

  9. doxies 4 says:

    If the dog was aggressive it would not have been given to A FAMILY as stated in this - - The dog was taken to an animal hospital after the dragging incident. The 18-month-old Akita, named Buddy, has fully recovered from the incident and will be given to a family.

    Jackson simply LIED and got away with it - - SHAME, SHAME

  10. Fed Up says:

    Underdog, Trudy was saying that the cat incident happened in Virginia. But why she invoked PeTA’s name is truly bizarre!!!

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    Because it happens all the time in Virginia. A boy drowned a cat the day before. But you won;t hear a thing from PETA, and they are supposed to care. That’s why I mentioned them.
    They are responsible for taking cats away from good owners. And yet they have nothing to say about this trash?
    So many things happen in virginia, not just Vick. I’m glad they are protesting Vick, but what about all the other innocent lives?

    Jenny Bark, they probably won’t get anything for that dog incident either.

  12. JJ in IL says:

    These kind of people belong 6 feet under - not among society. Anyone who seems to feel nothing is wrong hurting a child, animal or a woman should be put out of their misery - not allowed to impose it on any living entity!

  13. Proud Mary says:

    What is PETA supposed to do? Any suggestions would, I’m sure, be welcomed by them. Why don’t those who post these inane comments do something themselves, instead of expecting “somebody else” to do it? PETA has a very full plate, and tackles as many things as they can. It’s a worldwide organization; it’s not dedicated solely to Virginia. Do you have any idea of how much they do? I can tell you: Plenty! If you want to help animals, do it! Don’t just sit behind your keyboard and crank out smarmy comments to try to discredit those who are making a positive contribution on behalf of others. And, in case you’re wondering, I am NOT affiliated with PETA, although I respect and admire all that they’ve done for animals.

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