Man Accused Of Feeding Cats To Pit Bulls

HilmoWarning: This story may disturb some readers.

A Georgia man has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals for capturing neighborhood kittens and cats and feeding them to his pit bulls.

The warrant charges that Tye Hilmo “did give injured live cats and kittens to his pit bull dogs and let the pit bulls kill the already injured cats and kittens. Hilmo would capture and injure neighborhood cats for this purpose.”

Authorities acted after receiving an anonymous tip that Hilmo had been capturing cats for his dogs to kill. The tipster also said Hilmo was preparing his pit bulls for dog fighting. Investigators said they do not have enough evidence to charge Hilmo with dog fighting.

Investigators found the bodies of two kittens near Hilmo’s house. They also found evidence on his cell phone: a picture of one of his pit bulls and a dead kitten, and beneath the picture, a caption that says “Good Dog.”

Aggravated cruelty to animals is a felony, and if convicted, Hilmo can face one to five years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000.

Hilmo was already in jail on drug, firearm and probation violation charges.

Source: Associated Press

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  1. CROSE says:

    its stupid people like this that give pitbulls a badname

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have three pitbulls and they are great dogs. But it is guys like this that make pitbulls look so bad. i so agree with that. If you fight pitbulls of course they are going to be mean. All of my dogs have never bitten a soil and still everyone is scared of them because people like to pull stunts like this.

  3. kiki says:

    that guy is amaniac

  4. kristina says:

    people like that should be done the some way no matter what

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