Man Arrested After Taking Dog In To Be Euthanized

MaxA Florida man was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges after he took his dog to a clinic to have him euthanized because of his injuries.

Authorities were called to PAWS Animal Clinic after a veterinarian became suspicious of the wounds found on Max, a terrier. The dog’s owner, Rolando Martinez, said Max got hurt when his leg got caught in a sliding porch door.

The vet notified Martinez that Max had multiple neck and head wounds, and Martinez said he did not know how Max sustained the injuries.

Deputies were called and an investigation led to Martinez’s arrest. Max is now in the protective custody of the Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County.

Max will receive surgery on his compound fractured leg after his condition has stabilized.

One of the Humane Society/SPCA investigators stated, “Max was in a tremendous amount of pain, but the outlook is hopeful though guarded. His recovery will require extensive veterinary care, so we ask that everyone keep him in their thoughts. When he hopefully heals, he will be ready for adoption into a loving safe home. This is just the beginning of the process to help protect these voiceless victims that are in abusive environments. Animal cruelty is one of highest priorities of our organization.”

Source: Local6

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26 Responses to “Man Arrested After Taking Dog In To Be Euthanized”

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh my, poor Max!!!! He looks like a real sweetie. I hope he fully recovers and finds the most wonderful forever home!

    Prayers to this precious soul!

  2. Stefani says:

    OMG. I really hope he gets a home where he will be loved forever.


  3. Judy says:

    Good wishes to poor little Max. Congrads to the vet and the Humane Society for getting this right.

  4. Nancy G. says:

    Is it the camera, or does he have cataracts? Is he a senior citizen? Poor guy, I’m glad he’s safe now. I don’t even want to think of what might have happened to him.

  5. Katie says:

    I have a little bit of mixed feelings about this one. The guy was arrested after he took his dog to the vet. After he sought medical attention, even if it was only euthanasia. He chose not to let the dog suffer to death.

    I worry what kind of message this sends to people. Don’t take your pet to the vet for a serious injury- you might get arrested. That’s just not good.

  6. Judy says:

    Katie Hopefully it sends the message it’s not a good idea to beat the crap out of your dog.

  7. The Lioness says:

    Katie, it states that the vet reported him because the injuries were suspicious. A good vet will know what to look for and will be able to make a judgement call on this kind of thing.

    The article also leaves out any details of the findings of the AC officers. We don’t know what they found when they went to the guy’s house. It also doesn’t say whether he confessed or whether a witness came forward.

    There’s just not enough information here.

    I hope that Max finds a good forever home and that, if found guilty, the guy will be fully and maximally charged.

    ~The Lioness

  8. Velvet's Dad says:

    Katie, give the vet some credit. There were multiple injuries to the dog and when the vet asked the owner about them, the owner said he “didn’t know.” Didn’t know how the dog got so many injuries??? Come on, the vet did the right thing in notifying the authorities. Based on the details in the story, it does sound like animal cruelty.

  9. BTaylor322 says:

    I agree absolutely with Lioness and Velvet’s Dad! Veterinarians are pretty expert at this sort of thing as are Animal Cruelty people. If it was an “honest” accident (and yes, we don’t know all the details) there would have been no problem. Thank God for that alert vet! Multiple injuries are NOT caused by one incident w/ a sliding glass door. Poor Max! I sure hope that he not only recovers from his physical injuries, but whatever emotional ones he must have as well! I wouldn’t spend much sympathy for the guy who (so it appears) tried to cover up what he did by trying to have Max put down. Laws against animal cruelty aren’t nearly stiff enough!

  10. steven says:

    I hope someone in the jail beats the s**t out of Rolando Martinez. 10 stars for the vet and to those who are taking care of Max now.

  11. Don Earl says:

    Looking at the source article, the guy that took Max to the vet was the boy friend of the daughter of Max’s owner.

    Is it appropriate to take a pet away from its owner under the circumstances? Without giving the owner a chance to ban the boy friend from the home?

    I also note the last paragraph above is followed in the source article by a rather shameless pitch soliciting donations.

    At what point does a conflict of interest exist when pet organizations seek out situations that can be used as photo ops to agressively solicit donations?

    What happens when the slush funds are running low and they need to make an example out of someone to get publicity to beat the money drum?

    Our justice system was founded on the premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty. This Martinez character may very well be the scum of the earth, but I haven’t heard his side of the story and the only ones making accusations against him weren’t there when it happened.

    The system doesn’t work as well as it should in a lot of places, but it beats slipping a rope around the neck of the nearest patsy. Seeing someone tried and convicted in the media, by those with ulterior motives, causes me concern when only the one side is being presented.

  12. Stefani says:

    Obviously the vet and officials suspect that this dog was beaten, an abuse victim.


    I certainly don’t think we should give the abuse perpetrator much slack simply because rather than finishing the dog off he brought him to be euthanized. Is there a small shred of conscience in there somewhere that makes him rehabilitatible? (sp?) Perhaps, but only if he learns that he CANNOT just get away with this. Failing to punish him for this would make it much more likely that he will do it again. And one day, there won’t be the shred of conscience left that makes him stop before he beats the dog to death after torturing it.

    He should have to sit and think about this. In jail.

    Many thanks to the vet who reported this. We should write thank you letters.


  13. says:

    Well. I would like to think that the police didn’t just go and arrest him without further information (perhaps from his daughter). Whatever the situation, the actions show that the dog had suspicious wounds and the vet was doing their job. The same thing is required when a child is abused. The Dr. has a responsibility to report the abuse. Then the child is taken from the home.
    Therefore , if we can count on the police to do their job , I guess they had reason to make an arrest……who cares that only one side was presented……do we really need to know why he did what he did ?. Abuse is Abuse. It’s a good thing that someone in that family had a heart (the boyfriend), because if it wasn’t for him the dog could be dead. Then what does that accomplish?.

  14. mittens says:

    the only way any progress is going to be made against animal cruelty is if people take my state animal officers with the right to arrest are trained by the police and are linked with them- they’re not keystone cops who go out on a whim with a donut and the need to frame someone for beating their poodle.they would have had to have enough evidence to arrest the guy or no judge would keep him in jail or allow the charges to stand. it’;s called the system and that’s how it works- you have to accuse before you can even arrest or no one would ever be arrested for anything

    leaving an animal with that degree of injury to die with no care as the owner seemed content to do would have been grounds alone for animal cruelty charges and the removal of the ‘ property’ from it’s owner. now we have to prove the crime first before we make any effort to bring the victim to safety or examine it’s wounds? everyone’s always innocent until proven guilty so no one has any right to gather the proof and save the victim?

    doctors are trained to spot abuse in human children and are required by law to report their findings. certain injuries, for instance, are only found in cases where someone was beaten-certain hand injuries on perps are known to be caused only by punching someone in the face and hitting and breaking their teeth. certain fractures from the angle of the breaks aren’t caused, according to the laws of physics, by merely a ‘ clumsy child who falls a lot’ as all those innocent until proven guilty parents like to claim. someone with a black eye probably didnt ‘ fall into the edge of the sofa’. maybe the family actually saw him whipping the poor dog around. there was enough cause to question on the dog itself and enough evidence to arrest and nary a noose in sight.

    the media is always going to present things as ‘ so and so was arrested for ALLEGEDLY whatever’. freedom of the press, one of our beloved rights, allows them to do that. people will judge as they may but as long as ‘ accused ‘ and ‘ alleged ‘ is in there they can print it and everyone may judge it as they may. in court he’ll have his chance to bring out his defense.

    i know of many organizations- all upstanding- who often post stories of particular abuse cases because, yes, they do need money. vet care is outrageous - who the hell is going to pay for an abandoned or unwanted pet’s expensive, special care? they have to have donations to continue the care of such animals. it’s called charity and like the police they aren’t all crooked. one of my rescue cats cost me 5 dollars- although i would have gladly paid the usual fee around here of about 100 bucks( which is less then the cost of all the shots and the fixing)- because a local’ run from the kitchen table’ charity had raised money to fix all the cats that came into the local town shelter’s care . they did this by requesting donations for this specific cause based on their experience with an abused, abandoned and near death pregnant once house cat. i see nothing wrong with this and it makes the animals more adoptable if they’re all ready fixed and have their shots. how was there any fraud? the vet was paid the cat was fixed and i didn’t pay an adoption fee because of their shilling for ‘ slush fund’( ?) money. every charity on earth presents representatives who have had or experienced whatever they’re collecting for- breast cancer, victims of famine etc. you have to SHOW people these things that happen in the world or else why would they give you money? it’s easier to shut your eyes to it unless someone is stuffing it in your face which is unfortunately human nature. i don’t know how people do it who see animal abuse and suffering day after day as part of their work. i couldn’t bear it. i’m just glad someone can do it. why are we slipping the noose on their necks as corrupt from the get go just because they ask for money and use human sympathy and guilt tripping , basically the only way, to get it? aren’t they innocent of fraud unless accused and convicted of it? aren’t the police innocent of ‘ framing’ someone until it’s proven they have or is justice only for the accused and the criminals? i pretty much view that as the entire problem with our criminal justice system-the lack of equally protected rights and protections for the victims especially the most helpless of all- animals and children who suffer so greatly while pity is wasted on thugs, abusers and the guilty.

  15. Denise says:

    i am sick of these people that abuse children and animals. They pick on someone or something smaller that can’t fight back. It should be a felony and nothing less than some real jail time. This pup has feelings and probably went through years of torment in this animals hands. I hope to god someone gets a hold of him and teaches him a real lesson!

  16. Stefani says:

    Re: “the lack of equally protected rights and protections for the victims especially the most helpless of all- animals and children who suffer so greatly while pity is wasted on thugs, abusers and the guilty.”

    I totally agree.

    I have recently read several sad stories about relatives of human malpractice victims who could not find a lawyer to take their cases because the victim — in one case an infant, in another, an elderly woman — didn’t have enough economic value.

    This means that malpractice perpetrated on the weak — infants, children, and the elderly — will never see a courtroom because no laywer will take it.

    You have to be worth money in the world for anybody to give a darn what gets done to you. Thank goodness for the exceptions to this rule, like the people who rescue animals and raise money to help them.


  17. Rescuer says:

    From now on, people who have injured their pet, or other people involved in the situation who are protecting the person (remember the abused often cover for the abusers) will be forced to try and dispose of the pet themselves.


    We had a case recently in Australia where a cat had overdosed on cocaine. If it’s owners had been charged, around the country any future animals who somehow come in contact with drugs would be at risk.

    While it may seem great this guy is facing justice, by making abusers afraid to see the vet means LESS care available for animals. Lynching only stops one person, while approaching a violent situation with sensitivity to the bigger picture will make much bigger inroads into getting these people help.

  18. Don Earl says:

    By all means, let’s turn our justice system over to vigilante groups and pay them a bounty whenever they claim to have caught a bad guy.

    Let’s take a hypothetical situation where someone named Mittens leaves for work one gray morning with an umbrella under her arm. As she’s closing the door, her pet escapes and runs toward the street where it is hit by a car. A neighbor sees Mittens running after the pet, yelling, and waving a blunt object about, but doesn’t see the car.

    A vet, with no forensic experience whatsoever, decides the injuries are suspecious and contacts the vigilante group. Mittens’ name is then splashed all over the headlines along with solicitations for bounty money for the group.

    Mittens was arrested on the basis of statements made by the vet and the neighbor, and is quite obviously guilty. Right?

    Well, mittens, you may think ill of me for saying so, but I’d like to hear your side of the story before seeing you rot in jail, rather than give the benefit of the doubt to those with a financial stake in the publicity.

  19. Dave says:

    I would love to get my hands on that Scumbag who did that to that little guy.After I get through with him he would never harm a Animal again.

  20. judi says:

    “but I haven’t heard his side of the story” ?

    Oh please. The dog has been abused. Throw the jack-ass in jail.

    What do you think his side of the story will be anyway?

  21. Sharon says:

    I’m a survivor of domestic violence. There is no excuse for abuse period. Don Earl, that you can defend that low life piece of sh*t makes me wonder if you have lost your mind. Kudos to the person who brought poor Max to the doc and kudos to him for calling the cops.

  22. Nora and Rufus says:

    This dog was horribly abused and if an arrest will find WHO DID IT, THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE!!!!!!!!! If the guy did not do it, he will finger who did. PERIOD!

  23. DW says:

    Oh my goodness …. I’d be scared to take my animals to that vet. This dog could have tussled with a larger animal all on its own … it’s a terrier after all. Then if the owners were tight on money and maybe not too bright they might have delayed taking him to the vet in hopes he’d be all right on his own.

    Sometimes stuff is accidental, you know. One day while I was cleaning house, my dogs got into a fight outside and didn’t hear and thing going on. When I went to bring them in for their supper I found it was very bad for one dog. We took him 30 miles to the animal ER and spent $13,000 to save him. If that clinic had acted like that vet … we’d have been falsely charged with a crime, our other animals taken and maybe euthanized. I doubt the vet would have even tried to keep our dog going if he had been on the hook for the money, because it’s a miracle our dog made it through the first week. But he did recover and I am in awe of this dog’s ability to persevere and will be forever inspired by his ability to handle adversity. He had many happy days during the remaining 18 months of his life before a heart attack got him.

    This event is truly frightening for all pet owners. What might happen to you if you pet is attacked by a roaming dog and you go for treatment and are then accused of using it as fighting bait? If your animal is lost a while, then found in poor condition and you take it to the vet … will it be taken from you and the policed called to charge you with neglect? Bad things happen sometimes no matter how hard we try to prevent them. If your dog is playing hard and injures itself, do you want to be accused of slamming it against the wall because it had an accident? I had a coworker whose cat died when the window slipped down on its neck. Horrible and sad, but do you want her in jail for it? (Always put a wood block up along side the window to keep them from slipping down on animals or people.)

    Events like this are so destructive. In exchange for a little good press and chance to gain sympathy donations, they encourage actions that make law abiding people live in fear. Meanwhile nothing is done to really stop the creeps from going on with their sick ways …those people don’t take animals to the vets anyway. They dispose of their own crimes.

  24. Don Earl says:

    RE: “I’m a survivor of domestic violence.”

    Which means what? That all accidents in the home result from domestic violence? Or that no person has ever been falsely accused of domestic violence? Or that all domestic relationships are violent?

    Many years ago I was at a party where some dirtbag started slapping his girlfriend around. I gave him a set of lumps and watched in pure wonder as she went home with him. As close as I could tell, he was the only person there that would have treated her that way.

    I also once knew a woman who after many abusive relationships married a man who worshiped the ground she walked on. She treated him like dirt, but he never laid a hand on her. After much counseling, it turned out her father used to beat her, each time saying, “I’m doing this because I love you.”. She couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t make her husband love her.

    Personally, I think that’s one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard.

    RE: “There is no excuse for abuse period. Don Earl, that you can defend that low life piece of sh*t makes me wonder if you have lost your mind.”

    You will never find an example of my condoning abuse or defending those who engage in it. What you will find is strong opposition to a mindset that makes it far too easy to falsely accuse someone of something they didn’t do. Punishing an innocent person is something I consider to be a particularly vile form of abuse. If you hate abuse, you should hate it in all its forms.

    If this guy is guilty, he deserves to be punished, but I won’t abuse him unless I’m sure of his guilt.

    I see a photo of a dog with its leg wrapped up. I see claims the dog also has neck and head injuries. If so, it’s not immediately obvious from the photo. According to the hearsay, the man said the leg injury was caused by a sliding door and he was unaware of the head and neck injuries, or their cause. According to the story, the man, believing the dog was suffering beyond repair, took it to be humanely euthanized, apparently willing to pay for the proceedure out of his own pocket.

    Sliding doors are heavy and fit tightly into a recess. It makes for a pretty nasty crush point if one were to get caught while it was closing. It’s not that uncommon for a pet to try getting through a door before it closes if it doesn’t want to be confined to one side or the other. It’s not impossible to imagine a pet in the habit of trying to beat the door may have been clipped by it on previous occasions, occasions a visitor would likely have been unaware of.

    Maybe the man is lying to escape punishment. Maybe the pet organization is lying to create hype for donations. Maybe they’re both lying and the truth is somewhere between the two.

    Are you certain enough of which of the above is true, based on available information, to risk causing harm to someone who may be innocent of wrong doing? If the man is innocent, and I’m not saying he is, if he is harmed because you have a personal bias, doesn’t that make you the one guilty of abuse?

  25. steven says:

    Don Earl said:

    I also note the last paragraph above is followed in the source article by a rather shameless pitch soliciting donations.
    I didn’t take it that way at all. If they did ask, what is the difference?

    Remember that you have a whole page set up for donations.

  26. Dark Warrior says:

    Rolando is not the owner of Max, he was the boyfriend of the owners daughter. He deserves the full extent of the law for his crimes and I have sympathy for what he did to Max. The owners of Max must be devastated from this expecially the daughter

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