Man Blames Cat Shooting — On Cat

Nicholas Goroff the cat shooterThis is a sad story of a cat who died and the idiot owner who survived. A New Hampshire man told police that his cat accidentally shot itself after knocking over the shotgun. The police suspected that the cat wasn’t to blame when they smelled alcohol on his breath, noticed slurred speech, and found him unable to stand without swaying. He told the police he had one drink. (Picture from his MySpace account at right)

The 24-year-old idiot college student, Nicholas Goroff, was found crying outside an emergency animal clinic on Friday around 4am in this condition. He had told the clinic employees that the cat had caused the shotgun to discharge. The cat was euthanized and its name nor gender was provided.

After telling the police several different versions of the story, the police were finally able to get Goroff to admit to having shot his own cat. According to police, Goroff removed a loaded shotgun from his bedroom and took it to the living room of the apartment he shared with a girlfriend and brother. He leaned the gun against the couch, then picked it up and pulled back the hammer. According to police, his thumb slipped when he tried to release the hammer and the poor cat was hit.

The police went to his apartment and found more than a dozen empty beer cans. When the shotgun discharged, it was also pointed at a neighboring apartment, which led police to arrest the idiot him with felony reckless endangerment.

“I’m no risk to anyone… I had but one half of a beer,” said the idiot Goroff. The judge set his bond at $2,000. He will appear in court again for a hearing on August 23. Goroff’s sentence is unlikely to be a gunshot wound from a shot fired by a cat.

Goroff’s (possibly sober) ramblings on politics can be found on his MySpace blog.

It is not known if Goroff’s dubious inspiration came from this story of a dog shooting its owner.

Sources: The Union Leader, AP, WMUR

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12 Responses to “Man Blames Cat Shooting — On Cat”

  1. wescott20 says:

    Who censored the article to scratch out the “idiot” part? It’s a word that perfectly describes this man. He’s going to have to live with the fact that through his stupidity he is responsible for his cat’s death for the rest of his life. And he should face criminal animal cruelty charges.

  2. Robert Davis says:

    Sad that his cat has died because of this incident. I did read his blog and he is a philosopher at heart. Some may not like his writings, but they certainly causes one to think if they have an open mind.

  3. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    If this gentleman is swaying and slurring his words on half a beer, he better stick to nonalcoholic drinks in the future.

    We’ll leave discussing the wisdom of a drunk grabbing a loaded shotgun to someone with more free time.

  4. Noneofyourbusiness says:

    I know Nick Goroff personally and you have no idea what you are talking about. I will not discuss the matter of which you speak of because you were not there that night and I was. Please refrain from calling this person an idiot because he is very intelligent and if you read anything he has written you would know that. Instead you have become a puppet of the media and I feel quite sorry for you.

  5. mittens says:

    only genuises drink to excess and juggle loaded guns, yes that’s right. it was all so philosophical idiots who only care for the kind treatment of animals are too brainwashed by the media to grasp the daring brilliance of the killing of a household pet . move over kierkegaard and hegel- der Katzemörder is in da haus!

    this dweeb shot a cat while he was drunk-truly doesn’t matter what he wrote, how intelligent some may think he is- this is an incredibly stupid , irresponsible,cruel act and the excuse given at first wasn’t exactly the stuff MENSA candidates are made of.- the cat shot himself? yes but if everyone there was too drunk to hear it did it even happen?

    i know cats with myspace pages. we call people who write scholarly books about human knowledge and knowing philosophers. we call people who write in myspace pages attention seeking whores. it doesn’t excuse or make more interesting what he has done.

    so if youre a talented black football player everyone is ready to castrate you before youve even gone to trial but youre a white loser from new hampshire and your writing saves you from the disgrace of your acts? or worse, renders those acts so beyond normal human understanding- so beyond good and evil- that terms like ‘ stupid’ and ‘cruel’ and ‘ you lame tool’ don’t apply?

    it just leaves me wishing the cat really did knock the gun from the table like that dog with a similar outcome.

    you know charles manson is a bit of a philospher too… and hitler was a vegetarian. so nice to see more great men of thought in action.

  6. wescott20 says:

    This is for “noneofyourbusiness”…when an innocent animal is killed by an idiot, which is what Goroff is, it is the world’s business. Your friend should be prosecuted for cruelty to animals- he killed a cat. Period. And you are a pathetic loser for defending him…but then I guess you losers do tend to stick together. Don’t feel sorry for us…feel sorry for the cat, who is the victim of your idiot friend.

  7. Cathy says:

    Intelligent? Ever hear of the phrase “book smart, common sense DUMB?”

  8. Lisa says:

    I would like to begin by saying that perhaps we all should consider reserving judgment on a person that we do not know. And regardless of the factors that may or may not have been involved, accidents happen. What if by chance the man had ran over the cat with his car? No one would make a point of bashing him for it. His intention was obviously not to shoot the cat, but that was the tragic outcome. We’ve all done things we wish we could reverse and we can’t. It’s clear that he *will* live with this the rest of his life. Let the man grieve.

  9. Traci says:

    “you know charles manson is a bit of a philospher too… and hitler was a vegetarian. so nice to see more great men of thought in action.”

    Actually, that may be a myth. Wiki has a write up on it; seem is was part of Goebbels propaganda machine to enoble the fuhrer. ;) There are to many accounts of him imbibing happily in meat for it to hold much weight.

  10. Sandy says:

    Me thinks the cretin has groupies

  11. wescott20 says:

    Lisa, the guy got drunk and then played with his gun!! That’s totally irresponsible! Then, after the poor cat was dead…he tried to blame it on the cat! And, yes…I would also criticize a person who wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing and backed their car over their cat. It’s amazing how people jump to a foolish guy’s defense just because he’s good-looking…looks like Goroff certainly does have groupies!

  12. animalrights says:

    Nick Goroff good looking? he has groupies? Thats things I never heard of before. With thoose comments I question who are the idoits? Animal’s have rights? Hey lets go to Africa and lock up that lion who killed that Antelop or every one that eats meat because goosh jolly animal have rights. Animals have the right to live then die. Lisa is right in her comments, it was an accident thats all. Oops my bad I hit a chipmunk the other day, bring on the hate.

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