Man Charged In Death Of Daughter’s Cat

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

A retired man has been accused of animal cruelty in the beating death of his daughter’s pregnant cat. He says he is an animal lover. The man, Frank Carwardine, owns 23 horses, seven cats and two dogs, said that “he had no choice but to kill the ‘nasty’ feline with a tire iron.”

“I love animals but this cat was a menace,” says Carwardine, 62, who was charged with animal cruelty last week after his daughter called police in a domestic dispute.

“Sometimes there are hard decisions to be made and I made it,” he says.

Carwardine says the cat started terrorizing his animals after his daughter dropped off the feline about a month ago.

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From Canoe News:

On the day in question, Carwardine says the cat attacked another feline and he simply had enough.

“I reached for anything close by,” he says of the tire iron, “and I hit it over the head and tossed it outside.”

He noticed the cat was still alive and struck it one more time, which his daughter and her friends witnessed.

“I didn’t want it to suffer. I don’t think hitting it on the head twice is inhumane,” says Carwardine, adding he would have shot the cat if he owned a gun.

Carwardine fears that if he’s convicted, he’ll lose his horse boarding business.

Carwardine is charged with killing an animal. While the charges are serious, the penalties are not, the Ottawa Humane Society says.

“Though this case is disturbing in the extreme, unfortunately the penalties won’t fit the crime,” says executive director Bruce Roney.

Roney wants tougher animal cruelty legislation to prevent similar incidents.

If convicted, Carwardine faces a maximum penalty of $2,000, six months in jail and a two-year prohibition from owning or caring for animals.

8 Responses to “Man Charged In Death Of Daughter’s Cat”

  1. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Well, I feel a lot safer knowing this dangerous beast is no longer a threat! You never know, if she was “terrorizing” other animals it’s likely she would have mauled a child to death before too long. Everyone knows if an animal will fight with another animal that means it’s a bloodthirsty monster which will eat children for breakfast every chance it gets.

    Just like that Pit Bull in another post who died after chasing her family outside when the house caught on fire, you know she was just getting ready to maim and kill them since that’s what Pit Bulls do. Right?


  2. Amanda says:

    That is so sad :( That poor cat. I don’t know why we treat animals with such disrespect that their deaths mean nothing to the law. If I had been his daughter, I would have beat him to death after seeing what he did.

  3. Gary says:

    I think Saudi Arabia has the best method of handling killers like this so they would never do it again.

  4. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Yikes, people.

    The man freely admits he killed this cat (therefore the kittens inside her - oh, how that upsets me), and appears clueless to the brutality of the deed and his methods. The guy will probably be convicted and will lose the right to own his own animals or operate his horse boarding business for two years, and I hope the notoriety he receives makes it very difficult for him to rebuild and maintain an animal-related business in the future. While he’s figuring out, at age 62, what he’s going to do to make a living from now on, I hope he recognizes that he *did* have a choice the day he picked up a tire iron and cruelly killed that poor cat - and her kittens.

  5. JJ 2 says:

    Carwardine should be renamed Cowardine…because that’s all he is…a bully and coward. I bet he wouldn’t dare mess with anyone his own size. No cat is a menace, and he has no right to dare call himself an animal lover. He is nothing but a violent criminal, and should be treated as such.

  6. JJ 2 says:

    It is terrible that the punishment does not fit the crime in most cases of animal abuse…one of the worst injustices in our society. But groups like the Animal Legal Defense Fund are making a difference…at least in most states, animal cruelty is now a felony…a few years back is was just a misdemeanor. I have hope that within a decade or so, the legal penalties will accurately reflect the severity of these crimes. Progress is slow, but we’ll get there one day.

  7. HighNote says:

    Well what did they all expect this poor cat was pregnant and pregnant cats will fight other cats at times. Why couldn’t he just separate the cats? Sure would have been easier. Animal lovers do not kill pregnant cats in the first place.. I certainly would not kill my daughters cat and let her watch on. He is no animal lover and really is not a very kind father. He probably cared about the other cat and wanted to protect it against this pregnant cat, but this was not the way to do it if he cared about his daugher at all.

  8. Donna says:

    I wish for the same treatment for this man.Not happy knowing such a beast may walk our streets.This man is mentally ill. Lucky for him I was not close by. I wish him his own “karma”. He is due much suffering and grief.Monster, is too nice of a word. Killing is mans answer to everything.If it “bother you” kill it. Sad,sick humans.

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