Man Clinging To Boat Asks To Have Dog Saved First

Randy Earl just wanted to make sure his dog, Lacy, would be safe.

When Earl and his black spaniel mix were fishing, the small boat capsized. When the boat flipped over, Earl put Lacy on top of the boat to make sure she stayed safe. He stayed in the water wearing his life jacket.

Earl continued to hold on the boat’s hull while waiting for rescuers. The water temperature was about 50 degrees.

Another fisherman, who watched as a state trooper paddled out to Earl and Lacy, said that Earl asked the state trooper to take the dog first.

Earl said that Lacy is like a child to him and his wife and has meant a lot to him especially since they lost both of their children in a car accident 15 years ago.

Source: Yahoo News

(Thanks Nancy)

7 thoughts on “Man Clinging To Boat Asks To Have Dog Saved First

  1. That is so sweet. I often see dogs in life jackets. I never had asked anyone where they got it..I guess, a pet supply store….Not only is the story sweet, but you know the dog was scared and it was dead weight..that not only took LOVE but some real strenght, to pick her up and put her on top of the boat…That also shows the dog had TRUE love and faith for her dad to take care of her…..I am glad that all is well and everyone is okay.

  2. What a story! It’s obvious that Lacy has a very wonderful human. It’s so heartwarming to hear of stories such as this.

  3. That’s really touching. I’m sure there’s lots of us who feel the same about our furry friends but I wonder if I’d have the courage to do the same in his situation? Dog lifejackets sound like a great idea, any idea where to get them? Can you get them for cats? One of my cats is fascinated by our boat, but we never take her out in it incase something like this happened.

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