Man Convicted Of Animal Abuse To Feed County Animals Every Holiday

BillIn October, an Ohio man was sentenced to dress as “Safety Pup” and visit elementary schools as part of his punishment for shooting his dog, a harlequin Great Dane named Bill, and for allowing him to die.

Except, the agency responsible for “Safety Pup” notified the judge that any person convicted of a crime is not allowed to wear the costume.

Judge Michael Ciconnetti then changed the punishment for Robert Clark. He has been ordered to feed stray and abandoned dogs at shelters in Lake County, Ohio on every major holiday during his two year probation term.

Ciconnetti said, “he has to physically bring to the dog warden enough food to feed the dogs at the Lake County Shelter and enough to feed the dogs at the Lake County Humane Society”.

Clark admitted that what he did was wrong and apologized, but he said that he only shot his dog because Bill attacked his daughter.

Source: WKYC

7 Responses to “Man Convicted Of Animal Abuse To Feed County Animals Every Holiday”

  1. Lynne says:

    While I appreciate the judge’s efforts I’m not sure you can teach someone compassion at that later stage in life. Perhaps the only way to impress upon Clark the suffering he caused would be to shoot him and let him lie there unattended for an hour or two. And no, I’m not advocating that. I’d like to think we still live in a civilized nation.

  2. catmom5 says:

    If this guy has only one option for dealing with an aggressive dog, he has no business having, or being around, any animals. There are ways, lots of better ways than shooting a dog and leaving it to die a slow, horrible death. It sounds as if he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. TERRIBLE!!!

  3. Lynn says:

    Catmom5, I completely agree. No one should ever have a sentence that involves the care in any way of any living creature. There is far too much opportunity for the person sentenced to become defiant and take it out on the animals. I say put him in jail and let him rot.

  4. Tanya says:

    Hello, lynn. advocating that someone be HARMED because they do not know better.

    I’m amazed how full of compassion you are for animals, but not for humans.

    People need to learn, they can learn at 5 (which would be best) or at 30, or at 50 or at 90. nothing about age makes a person less able to understand why what he or she did was wrong.

    If you do not know better, and truly think shooting a dog is a way to deal with aggression, if you were taught by your parents that this is teh right way to treat them, then you can improve your life by working with educated people who say “one thing you can do is not yell at teh dog, but back down” “if you look a cat in the eye, it will react as if challenged” etc.

    MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU AND I KNOW. so you educate, you don’t shoot them.

    Also, for the next two years, dogs are going to be feed. if you’ve ever worked at or with a shelter, you know that this is an amazing help both in resources financially, as well as manual labor.

    as for him being “safe” around animals, that’s what he’s there to learn from EXPERTS.

  5. Lynn says:

    Years ago I developed and ran a volunteer shelter program in one of the largest shelter systems in the US. I speak from experience when I say that any individual working off a sentence has no business being around animals. My experience is that most of the lowest paid shelter personnel would not be particularly motivated to ensure the safety of the animals, so why put the animals in that position? I’ve also observed that when gratis personnel work off a sentence in the shelter, it is not infrequent that the lowest paid shelter personnel tend to slack off and let the volunteer do the work. This only disrupts the process and no one ends up learning anything.

    I also speak as a professional who knows personality and mental disorders very well. Anyone who deigns to kill an animal and let it slowly die is not fit to be around living creatures unable to defend themselves.

    People who abuse animals or other people should never be in a position where the welfare of another is dependent upon them.

    I am very confused with your posting, Tanya. It appears you are addressing it entirely to me. And if such is the case, you had better review my other postings because:
    ~ I do indeed have compassion for people….just not those who have no compassion or respect for life
    ~ people who abuse animals are not likely to learn their lessons in a few afternoons at a shelter playing nice with the animals…these people generally go on to abuse other living beings
    ~ I never said to shoot the man…..I said to let him rot in jail
    ~ if you think an abuser helping out in a shelter is an amazing resource, that this gratis service ensures that certain basic tasks at the shelter are completed [such as feeding animals] then something is very, very wrong with the basic tenets of the shelter. [It appears you are saying that without this abuser’s help the animals at the shelter will not be fed.]

  6. ruthellen says:

    “he has to physically bring to the dog warden enough food to feed the dogs at the Lake County Shelter and enough to feed the dogs at the Lake County Humane Society”
    Ummm - he is to bring / provide the food? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

  7. Dove says:

    I think feeding the animals is a joy…and not what this Human animal deserves. Far better to let him clean all of the animal cages so that he identify with the piece of human excrement that he is.

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